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PinKadia! The Ultimate virtual Pinball / Arcade / PC combo cabinet!

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Well, I'd like to say that this post is about an upgrade to the pincab, but....

We just moved to Ottawa this week. Its been a long couple of weeks of packing, loading, cleaning, and living in a hotel with myself, wife, 2 kids, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. VERY tiring.

We were happy to finally take possession of our new home, and to see the moving truck arrive with all of our stuff. The move went amazingly well without any real scratches or damages to the house.

Amazingly, our items arrived undamaged.... except for "one" thing......






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Ok, so now I'm a much happier man. My mancave is mostly up and running. PinKadia is alive again, and the simpit is shaking the house again after a long absence... driving my wife crazy! :)


Here's a video tour describing what I have, and how everything works and is wired together and how VR is setup to work with everything. I show off the simpit and how my 12 transducer telemetry feedback setup works and you also get to "hear" how it works too! It is amazing combined with VR!




If want to skip right to the simpit demo then go here....



Just waiting for the new TV to get replaced, then I'll make a stand for that to go over the simpit to bring the screen closer.  Then the last screen and game consoles will go to the unused space.

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A day of greatness is upon us....

DOFLinx will soon support triggering "any" DOF device and command.

This means that finally.... addressable leds (MX), will work with Future Pinball and Pinball FX2!


Here's a coming soon "reveal" video I made....   "Let there be light!"



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