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    Sweet Sulaiman!! I am very picky about my console setups, and this theme along with the artwork = EPIC. Thanks so much for you're contribution and for sharing. You rock
  1. SETTINGS: Android emulator settings

    Umm so this is driving me crazy. I have the nvidia shield TV. Hyperspin launches, shows videos, displays boxart, videos, but when I try to load my Genesis roms i get "warning attempting to launch missing rom". My hyperspin folder and roms are on my external usb drive. I only have genesis media and roms set up so i will not get more systems till i fix this prob. Retroarch plays the roms just fine so will someone please help me figure this out. Thank you.
  2. New FTP access to HyperSpin Themes

    I want to purchase the ftp, but i don;t like paypal. Why can't I pay with my debit card?