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  1. [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    Sorry I think I was to blame for few of those main menu themes.
  2. Main Menu Background music

    For the Main Menu Themes its.. \Media\Main Menu\Sound\Background Music\*.mp3 Remember to make sure they are named perfectly with case sensitivity a thing.
  3. Main Menu Background music

    I have it working, the file need to be the same name as the theme (Case sensitive) and mp3 format I am pretty sure.
  4. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Well I have done some tinkering but still cant get it to work. Looked through settings file to find abnormalities.. tried moving and changing media.. nada. I have tried the default.zip theme in my other version and it loads fine.. Its very strange, may be HDD corruption perhaps. Log just shows. 03:40:18 PM | HyperSpin Started 03:40:18 PM | Going FullScreen 03:40:18 PM | Checking for updates 03:40:18 PM | Update Check Complete 03:40:18 PM | Startup program unavailable 03:40:19 PM | Playing intro video 03:40:20 PM | Error intializing joysticks 03:40:20 PM | Menu Mode is multi 03:40:20 PM | Loading Main Menu.xml 03:40:20 PM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded Then it will stop responding. I will just rebuild a new version and see how I go.
  5. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    So I upgraded my PC which required me to re-install Windows 10, and I was finally stricken with the inability to launch HS. Downloaded the 1.5.1 Update and its working for my default setup fine. But... when I launch the version using my Retro Cafe Default theme layout it crashes. I will try and figure out what element is causing the error and report in.
  6. Volume / Mute overlay?

    If you have a mouse/trackball available you could try Rainmeter. Its a desktop customization tool that allows you to add buttons/widgets etc to your desktop. They can be set to "always on top" which will display them on top of Hyperspin. I use it so I can launch config tools and 3rd party Media/Browsers also.
  7. Just downloaded HS 1.5.1 no HyperHQ?

    Might of been removed by virus scanner, check your chest and see if you can exempt it and put it back.
  8. What don't I get with HyperSync?

    Its a very good question to be fair, I am yet to jump on and see how it all works myself as I mostly scrapped together and created my own setup. Still very interested to see what can be synced through it and the completion status of systems if available.
  9. Change Wheel Position?

    I have seen people add space to their artwork to counter the inability to move things further. Might not be ideal but if you extend the width of your wheel art, and then leave blank space on the left?
  10. I will just drop a video for now from another lover of the Metal! But will come back with a full write up of how/when I was introduced to Metal to my current likes in the Genre(s).
  11. Cannot Launch Games in Hyperspin

    Just beat me to it Spawk. That path does't seem correct, if it is you will probably have more problems to deal with. As Spawk advised be sure RL is in its own folder so you don't have settings conflicts.
  12. Need help

    Then download the dll and put it places.
  13. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Thanks for the run down. Well perhaps they can look to add more xml display options in the future release like the Description, Year and Developer currently. Score, Synopsis, Players etc would be great.
  14. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Great to see you back @dark13. Would love to know how that synopsis artwork file works.. It the last piece of my HS Puzzle and I am sure many others.
  15. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Well to be honest I haven't paid for Hyperspin... I was blessed to be able to access things simply by giving back. I find it still to be an amazing piece of software with so many possibilities still to be unlocked. I am in no rush to move on, as it works. It works fast, and I can customize to the way I want not just have something the same as everyone else. Sure there are a heap of features it could have to bring it forward for more simple platforms and walks of life. But its not targeted at people without at least some cognitive capacity and willingness to learn.
  16. Game not showing in Hyperspin wheel

    Roms only is a filter that needs a path and extension defined in the settings file for your wheels. If you find Mame.ini in your Hyperspin/settings folder. You can add a Roms Path and then extensions of your games separated by a ,
  17. Blade (Pinball FX2) Widescreen 16x9

    I made a similar mistake on some of my first widescreen themes. If the video preview is native widescreen. You will need to set the video element in Hypertheme to "Force Both Aspects" and set them to Width = 480 and Height = 360. It should then stretch back to be the right size.
  18. playing on the tv

    1. Plug computer into TV. 2. Load Hyperspin. 3. Profit
  19. shortcut?

    Google should have everything you are looking for.
  20. Show/Scrape Game Info/Synopsis

    I just watched his video more closely and it seems you still need to configure a file for each game as its using the file_name as a value and then pulling the data from an xml file. Oh well.
  21. Show/Scrape Game Info/Synopsis

    Yes there is... It just needs someone to unlock it and share the method. @dark13 has done it via embedded swf/fla files sourcing from external files, just need to get the method.
  22. HyperSpin menu navigation using steering wheel

    You would have to map it perhaps to keyboard strokes via a joy2key or xpadder I think still. Hopping that better native joystick support, configuration will be in 2.0.
  23. Video is possible, but I am yet to find a way for Image Layers and Themes, not sure if there is one.
  24. [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    I think it needs more people to be honest. Its not a job that's achievable really alone I don't think, unless its a full time job which is not fair to you @thatman84 I am always offering my services if you want where we can target specific areas and really get a hold on it. I would be nice to one day have the website and sync tools working in parallel.
  25. If you have Windows go to Display settings/properties. Inside there you should be able to set your backscreen as the "Primary" Monitor. Then when you next load Hyperspin it should hopefully select that screen.