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  1. It seems I am also just as bad at Donkey Kong haha. First Game though, will try again soon.
  2. Hyperbase access

    Its getting closer I would think..
  3. Biggest noob begging for help

    Your virus scanner has probably done a number on your setup. Be sure to exempt the folder/drive you have hyperspin setup on.
  4. Themes - les Artworks - Perte de qualité

    Yeah the issue it seems is that its expanding the Box Art to match the 16:9 resolution when viewed in Hyperspin. You need to convert to the right ratio so they expand correctly when viewed at 16:9 resolutions. I.E X-Axis=53% Y-Axis=71%
  5. Themes - les Artworks - Perte de qualité

    Yes it does png Confirmed that it works pretty well.. I just changed my values to still widescreen convert but at a 50% size. bmp_tl.scaleX = 0.26666 ; bmp_tl.scaleY = 0.3555 ; bmp_tl.x = 0 ; bmp_tl.y = 0 ; Video preview shows the 50% size version in the SNES Wheel.
  6. Themes - les Artworks - Perte de qualité

    Yes Using flash and the smooth option can help. Dark13 has some Flash scripts out there that make it very easy to use. Just run and choose a folder containing png files. Some scripts convert from 16:9 to 4:3 and Smooth others just smooth and convert to swf. You can edit the scripts via text editor if you want to adjust the conversion scales/ratios. i.e // get item var bmp_lib = doc.library.items[imported]; bmp_lib.compressionType = "lossless"; bmp_lib.allowSmoothing = true; var bmp_tl = fl.getDocumentDOM().getTimeline().layers[0].frames[0].elements[0]; // Scale from 1080p to 1024*768 and apply 16:9 ratio correction (Can change these values .53 = 53% etc) bmp_tl.scaleX = 0.53333 ; bmp_tl.scaleY = 0.7111 ; bmp_tl.x = 0 ; bmp_tl.y = 0 ;
  7. Themes - les Artworks - Perte de qualité

    Also if you are running a 16:9 widescreen system, you may have to convert .53 on X and .71 on Y to get 4:3 Images that then Convert back to 16:9 correctly.
  8. Themes - les Artworks - Perte de qualité

    Have you tried something like.. Avez-vous essayé quelque chose comme... http://www.fotosizer.com/ Or.. Ou.. http://www.simpleimageresizer.com/ Vous êtes le bienvenu ..
  9. Hyper Sync Chart Report Project

    No Problem, to be fair I think doing a complete download and then doing an audit with Hypertools will be enough. It should give all the data you need, its just a matter then of how you want to announce it.
  10. HyperScore SNES Poll

    To be fair, never owned a SNES so I am unsure on most of the games. If anyone has better suggestions please drop them.
  11. HyperScore SNES Poll

    No Title screen, loads you directly in. You get points for each thing you do. There is a timer running down from 5m Most points in 5min. Cant really explain it any more than that...
  12. Best games of all time wheel

    Yeah I will be checking them out, if they better than what I am producing and fills gaps why not use them. From a glance they all look pretty amazing, just not sure on size. Was hoping to set a limit of around 50ish mb per theme and videosnap. Might be able to convert them to something small if needed also, or at the very least be inspired to step up my game.
  13. Jukebox Recommendations

    Necro! Just designed a pretty easy to setup Launcher for Music of anyone is still looking for options. Lots of options and customization's available.
  14. Best games of all time wheel

    @CriticalCid Would you be able to start up some xml Databases for a Top 300? Or maybe just the 2014 Top 100 PC Gamer list for me? Would save me a lot of time splitting of my Current PC Games List.
  15. Hyper Sync Chart Report Project

    How goes the syncing? I would think the method I described would be easiest/most effective. Hopefully you can just pull the missing reports or available reports or both via Hypertools and paste them as links perhaps hosted in google docs? Then even moving to them to spreadsheets and guages/charts etc via chartes and sheets. Should give everyone a pretty good idea whats available right now and can be updated over time as it gross and perhaps changes to AI.
  16. Best games of all time wheel

    Also I would encourage other members if you have nice 16:9 themes of PC Games that are ready, post some announcements and lets get this Platform Rocking!! I know a lot of People with Front ends don't just use arcade cabinets but High End PC's and TV Boxes Also. I love the nostalgia of running through Hyperspin more than anything these days with the sheer amount of quality media produced by this community and forever finding games that I loved in the past.
  17. Best games of all time wheel

    Awesome, Well I should have a lot of the Top 100 done with my current list. And other contributors are adding more and more all the time. I will look to as I said, start a more ambition version with the Top 300 of All Time and fill in the gaps.
  18. Best games of all time wheel

    So I take it if I filter for PC in Original Version and PC & Blank in the Improved and Remake columns I can get the top PC games of All time if arranged by the Score? Hmm I Smell I top 100 PC Games of ALL Time Wheel. Thank you for your work here CrititalCid. Ninja Edit: Maybe more than a Top 100.. due to many being completed already. Hmmm might test my reach and do 300 if anyone wants to help.
  19. Hyper Sync Chart Report Project

    Might be easier then to download all via hypersync and then audit it with HyperTools then. Would save you a lot of trolling through files etc.
  20. Hyper Sync Chart Report Project

    Not sure on your Download speeds, or Quotas. Might be easier to use Hypert00ls reporting.. on a new copy of Hyperspin with a full download via sync? Just thinking of ways to make this easier for you as it sounds like a horrible task, that will be redundant soon enough.
  21. Hyper Sync Chart Report Project

    It would probably be easier to do this in spreadsheet form? Using something like Google Sheets. https://www.google.com.au/sheets/about/ Then you could even employ google charts to create some pretty graphs etc. https://google-developers.appspot.com/chart/interactive/docs/gallery
  22. HyperScore SNES Poll

    I was looking for games that had a point based system as it seems like the best way to score. Its seems DK Competition Edition loads you directly into a stage and has a Timer that runs down from 5min. It seems loosing a life resets your char, in the world and then the countdown continues. So I think its Highest Score after 5min of play. Not sure if getting through a stage resets the timer however as I only played for a short time to test it works. Ok played through a tad more, seems its pure 5min of play. 50 Lives and points go up as you play through/do things. So seems it would be top score based.
  23. Help with config Media- Path

    I would just install Hyperspin to the same drive to make your life easier. Your Games are easier to split off onto another drive, but media generally best works when with the product in my opinion. My Root Directory of my E: (Hyperspin) on a 3TB Drive. Hyperspin Folder Media Folder etc. The ~Emulators Folder is just full of links to emulators directly so I can config them externally. The ~Apps Folder contains the 3rd Party tools for tinkering with Hyperspin. Have another drive for more Windows Based Games. Soon to get another for ISO Based Items as I only really got the items I play rather than everything in the CD/DVD Based Platforms. Might also move my "Active Files" Folder to my SSD which is where RocketLauncher extracts compressed items. (Still not sure why MS-DOS Items aren't deleting on close.) Remember Hyperspin is your front end, where the media is your menu system.. Rocketlauncher is your launcher if you have it all setup and media is not generally important unless you want Fades, Bezels or Pause Screens etc. Maybe have a look at the beginner tutorials on the site/youtube created by the amazing @Avar or prior the equally awesome @SIMPLYAUSTIN
  24. Just another track, this time a great vocal combo.
  25. I will just drop a video for now from another lover of the Metal! But will come back with a full write up of how/when I was introduced to Metal to my current likes in the Genre(s).