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  1. Can someone tell something about new HS update? What is the state? Is there any release date? Any News? I can't wait for new update!
  2. My Arcade Control Panel

    XBOX 360 Controller and Keyboard (2-4 Players) Templates attached with transparend background so will be easy to modify if needed. Keyboard Controller Templates.zip XBOX 360 Controller Templates.zip
  3. My Arcade Control Panel

    XBOX 360 Controller templates to use with RL Pause Menu Some examples with the final result:
  4. Xbox 360 Controller Image

    Here it is in svg format! Xbox_Controller.svg
  5. Xbox 360 Controller Image

    I'll check when at home. But i would need a clean image if possible. It will show on a 4K tv.
  6. Xbox 360 Controller Image

    Yes but i could only find a wired one with this perspective.
  7. Hi! i've been trying to find an image like this, but without the legend and couldn't find it. Does someone have it or know where could i download it? Thanks in advance
  8. Hyperspin 1.4.16 enhancement request

    I don't know if this is a planned to to be included in the next update but, would be possible to add an option for number of players in the HyperSpin menu? For example to be able to choose for 1,2,3,4,etc. players games (Same time players or alternating). Could be placed in this menu for example: Maybe "Favorites" title should change to something with more possibilities like simply "Options", or "Menu" for future additions. I guess this won't be too difficult to be included.
  9. Neffcade Vol. 2 Build

    I wanted to tell you the same! I like yours. The shame is you don't have the same buttons layout as me. I could share with you all my lights/controls configuration files.
  10. Neffcade Vol. 2 Build

    This cab is based on this youtube one (as you sure know):
  11. Neffcade Vol. 2 Build

    Your cab is the same as mine! Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk Pro
  12. Who is developing new HyperSpin version? Is there any post for feature request and future features already working on it?
  13. First time cabinet build.

    All MAME ROMs are about 500GB. So it would be better to download the complete set (maybe in a cybercafe, or in a friend's house with better internet connection) and then just download updates every month.
  14. First time cabinet build.

    I guess not.
  15. First time cabinet build.

    I always update MAME to latest version. There's a MAME.xml updated to the latest version on the web. and you can update ROMs with MAME update Packs using clrmamepro (or if have a good internet connection just download the full pack again)