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  1. Hi Ingo, welcome to HyperSpin and for making your first post! I'm a newbie to Hyperspin myself, and don't worry about your English ... from my German view it looks good. BTW: There is also a German sub forum 1. Current MAME versions do support hiscores. You just have to turn them on in the settings. If you start mame from a commandline window, the GUI comes up , select plugins and turn hiscores on. Then it should be able to read the file. With other emulators you will have to check what emulator is used and how it is supported there. 2. The usual homebuild cabinet arcade controllers do have a keyboard controller which takes the button and controller inputs and maps it to keypresses, so, as long as you can play the games using keaboard, that should be working. Do you have any kind of information, what hardware was used to build the cabinet? Have Fun!
  2. @DubaiShark yes, they are, I opened a ticket for that already And you can open a ticket, by klicking on the "Support" menu on top of this page
  3. @lovebus5 really nice job listing up what to to. You should follow @thatman84's advice and post it as tutorial. It's the first time I heard about AutoIt, I think I should give it a try, too. I find the features to simulate mouse and keaboar interaction interesting. Powershell does come already installed on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. One small thing though. Using Excel seems slightly overkill. I don't know what you normally use to edit plain text files, but you should try out Notepad++ as a replacement. It can do what you wanted (that is add ".zip" to each entry in the list of filenames. When you are done editing the list go to the begining of the file, open "Replace" (ctrl+H) set "Search Mode" to "Regular Expression" Enter "$" (without the quotes ) in "Search for" ($ is a regular expression special character meaning "End of Line") Enter ".zip" in "Replace with:" click "Replace all" done! Save the file.
  4. I'd be interested in that, too. Maybe we can completely script it. Getting a plain list of filenames from the XMLs used by Hyperspin is pretty easy, when you use M$ Powershell: [xml]$genredata = get-content "PATH TO YOUR GENREFILE.xml"; $namefile = "PATH TO YOUR NAMEFILE.txt" foreach ( $game in $genredata.SelectNodes("//game")){ $game.name | out-file -FilePath "$namefile" -Append -Encoding ascii } Small update, if you want the ".zip" included in the file name change the line #4 to: "$($game.name).zip" | out-file -FilePath "$namefile" -Append -Encoding ascii
  5. Ups... statt in dem angepinnten Thread hätte ich vielleicht hier posten sollen. Ich schau die Tage mal, was ich aus meinen gesammelten Roms so an deutschen Datenbanken basteln kann... aber haltet bitte nicht die Luft an, mein Nick ist Programm Mit den Graphiken wäre das so eine Sache ... da könnte ich nur was zusammenstümpern.
  6. Oh.. cool! Es gibt ja hier tatsächlich Leute die sich um nationale Datenbanken kümmern Ich hab in die HyperWorld Boards bis jetzt noch nicht reingeschaut, deswegen verzeiht, wenn ich hier offene Türen einrenne. Klar, die nationalen (sprachlichen...) Splittergruppen sind eher klein, da die Leute die sich mit Emulatoren beschäftigen ja eh alle verrückt genug sind und meist auch alle Englisch sprechen Aber ich hab mich ja in einigen posts schon etwas aus dem Fenster gelehnt, was die Internationalität angeht. Gebt mit noch so 1-2 Wochen und wir können das mal um ein paar ältere Systeme erweitern. Persönlich bin ich nämlich noch garnicht bei (3)DS(i) und Wii(U) angekommen, aber für die älteren Cartridgesysteme geht was!
  7. Das ROMset was du benutzt sollte auf jeden Fall der MAME-Version entsprechen. Hast du das mit einem Audit in MAMEUI64 oder mit ClrMAMEPro überprüft? Ansonsten kannst du auch die Kommandozeilenversion von MAME64 benutzen: Öffne eine CMD shell, wechsel in das Verzeichnis wo MAME installiert ist und führe folgendes Kommando aus: C:\Emu\MAME>mame64.exe -verifyroms outzone romset outzone is good 1 romsets found, 1 were OK. So sollte das aussehen, wenn alles in Ordnung ist. In deinem Fall wirst du wahrscheinlich eben genau die Ausgabe bekommen die du auch von RL bekommen hast. Und die besagt halt, daß dein ROMset nicht zu deiner MAME Version passt, RL hat damit nichts zu tun. Vielleicht hast du Glück und kannst das mit Hilfe von ClrMAMEPro gerade ziehen. Hast du mal versucht einen der outzone Clones zu starten? C:\Emu\MAME>mame64.exe -listclones outzone Name: Clone of: outzonea outzone outzoneb outzone outzonec outzone outzonecv outzone outzoneh outzone
  8. For consistency I'd put them up as "Creatronic MegaDuck" and "Valve Steam".
  9. Nintendo 64 2.0 Dev Version View File A small update to the N64 development database. I added CRC values that were missing for the Japanese games and added the following translations: Animal Forest (Doubutsu no Mori) (Translated En by Zoinkity) new, aka. Animal Crossing, I left the Japanese title in Bomberman 64 (Japan) (Arcade Edition) (Translated En by Zoinkity) replaces Bomberman 64 (Japan) (Arcade Edition) Chameleon Twist (Japan) (Translated En by Zoinkity) different gamplay from the international version Densha de Go! 64 (Japan) (Translated En by Zoinkity) I left the untranslated Japanese version in because I did not playtest it, I currently only run RetroArch and that crashes on this Note: I only gave credit to the translator in the description, the game name will just have '(Translated En)' All CRCs I added are based on the Doctor V64 format (Technically speaking: byte-swapped big-endian), that the rest of the datfile seems to have been generated from. Personally I do prefer the Mr. Backup Z64 format, since that uses the native byte order (plain big-endian), meaning when you open the file in a hex editor you can read the cartridge title without twisting your mind Incidentally that is also the fileformat you need to use when you apply the translation patches to the original ROMs. Translation patches come from: RomHacking.net When you need to convert ROMs to the appropriate format, I suggest you try ucon64 which is kind of swiss army knife Submitter EyMannMachHin Submitted 05/28/2017 Category Databases (XML) Credits  
  10. @fr0stbyt3 I love the sound of "Real Database". That's all I needed to know for now. So we should make a feature list of what's planned for the 1.0 release and a feature request thread which can be discussed for later releases Anything else will just complicate things right now.
  11. Damn ... 30 minutes fight with the editor, since it would not quote stuff as I like it ... @maabus I feel you ... 20 years of emulation ... and I still gotta catch them all @fr0stbyt3 How ridgid is the database and how resilient to changes? One of the things, I'd like to see is really some kind of globalisation at least being thought of. We here are all kind of maniacs doing weird stuff for the outside world and we established English as language. But that doesn't mean we would like our memories being preserved as we know it. (Or showing off to our kids and grandchildren ) Which means a lot of folks might even prefer it to use the games in their mother tongue (... even though translation might be abyssmal) so actually saving spots for regional releases and languages supported might be a good point to start. So for me as a German selecting: give me all games suttporting (in the following order) German language, Europe release, US/English, Japanese (English fan translation available), Japanese (if nothing else matches) .... sounds like a great idea IMHO, the community can be leveraged to help you decide what is the right rom to include (please don't make me cast a vote on Pferd & Pony: Mein Pferdehof (engl: Horse & Pony: My Studfarm ...) (a GBA game..)). Just thinking here ...
  12. Actually, I'd say "All of the above". But I guess it needs prioritizing. One of the things, I would put into the "Other" section: Has somebody looked into the possibility of using HTML5 instead of Flash? I'm no expert here, but I think HTML5 libraries might be more readily availble for Android than manually recoding an swf library. At least, that was what I read out of the Android Issues thread, you had to do the decoding yourself. Correct me, if I'm wrong there. Just wondering, if this is a viable option.
  13. Blimey ... I just read .. "Playboy" I really need to go to bed
  14. It's really far from perfect, as far as the Hyperbase databases. It might leave folks with still more work than they bargained for. It's probably more the feature that Powershell naturally handles XML files that needs the focus so all our datters can learn from it. Unless they all have been using it already all along and have been keeping stonemansonry secrets from us all
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