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  1. Gerurver

  2. HS 1.4 with Intel HD scrambled video's (some)

    Okay, so all video's are not compatible now?(accept de SQ)? What is de best solution to get the good movies? Buy a diff video card? Greets Ger
  3. HS 1.4 with Intel HD scrambled video's (some)

  4. HS 1.4 with Intel HD scrambled video's (some)

    Okay tested. Same result [emoji17] I Can add a sample(picture if you want?) Greets, Ger
  5. HS 1.4 with Intel HD scrambled video's (some)

    Hai Circo, This sounds great! I leave my set-up offline, when you give me a call, I sync again, and hope the best[emoji6] Greets, Ger
  6. HS 1.4 with Intel HD scrambled video's (some)

    But, why are other MP4 showing Okay? And the other not? Its strange;-) and Where Can you instruct the dedicated the card to handle hyperspin? Greets,
  7. Hai There, I do a sync, and some video's are scrambled. the are all MP4. so i deleted the complete folder of Sega Genesis, and did a sync again. the first *3 ninjas kick back* is a MP4, and play with every player good, but in HyperSpin it is scrambled. the second movie, 6-pack is also a MP$ and play good in HyperSpin??? the only diff is in the folder if you choose big grids, you see a EmuMovies Video Snap logo, (6-Pak) all others are the preview of the movie. Can somebody give me some good directions? Greets, Ger
  8. Noise through Speakers

    Hi richie, I think you have a ground loop situation. In the Power outlet is there more Power consumers? Like halogeen lights? Greets Ger
  9. CPWizBiz - Game Controls Viewer

    I am gonna try this master piece software. Tnx stigzler for your hard work!
  10. IPAC or USB interface ?

    iMO Ipac! Cheers, Ger
  11. Add games to c drive

    Hi, Just put them like you did on your 4tb. Its the same action. Cheers.
  12. Giga builds a cocktail table

    Hai Giga. I use a square aluminium piece. On top and under a hole with a stud. Bolt on top(gpu) holding tight. And under a bolt by the wood into the aluminium piece. Sorry for the bad english;-) Cheers Ger,
  13. Giga builds a cocktail table

    Hi Giga, whats your wish with the power outlet? I use a 5v relais switch with adjustable time. So when you turn on the pc. The timer (example) is waiting 15 seconds(so you dont see the bios) and then turns on the power. For the Big and little screen and external fan. When you shut down hyperspin, iT closes the pc, so the relais is not getting 5volt. So the power will cut of all the power. Hope you understand my bad english. ;-) Its the little red box. For holding your cp. Because its perspex(plastic) Some iron glue under iT. And a magnet in the box(wood) Greets Ger
  14. Giga builds a cocktail table

    Wow Giga looks very slick! Nice job.
  15. Giga's pre cocktails Q&A

    Hi Giga, Nice a Cocktail build. i would not use a mag stick plus (the one you have to pull out). however the servo did very very very well the job. (imo) the pulling was feeling a bit like oooopss does it break. i would also not use lexan, but plexi for the top, lexan is very very easy to saw, but scratch like hell. plexi is far more scratch free. but a pain to saw. meaby you can find someone with a cnc machine, and let him/her cut out a circle. if you go for a rectangle use a circular saw. this works fine for plexi. (also lexan offcourse) looking forward to you project ! Cheers