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  1. How to create Hyperspin themes - Nvidia Shield

    No worries. I've helped a few friends out, they'd tell you themselves that me doing everything for them does them no real favours in the long run. When things go wrong and they will, you need to know how to fix it yourself. So I've only helped friends I know are willing to learn and become members here, joining our Hyperspin family. I fly out next week and will be at sea more and more as time goes by. So I won't be as active on here to help people BUT there are guys like Thatman, who do their best to help other members of our "Android Family". All the best with it.
  2. How to create Hyperspin themes - Nvidia Shield

    No we can't do that for you sadly, sorry. I did post a video of my setup but it has changed since then, gives you an idea of how cool Hyperspin can look though. Even Thatman who is an admin is pretty impressed with my setup. He saw I had the themes unique for each game in the Arcade Classics and it tempted him to do the same. Be creative! I don't want my setup to look like everyone elses. I use retro TV ads for some systems on the main menu, like the Amiga which we have created a new theme for now. When we added Quake and Doom I used music videos, like i did for Capcom Classics to help things stand out. To do a wheel for the Android games, I had to make quite a few themes up. Rather than record gameplay for the video previews, I used cool looking trailers for the games instead to get the job done quickly. I'm hearing Sega Naomi and Sammy Atomiswave could well be the next systems on our hit list very soon. I'm quite excited to get those added, things are always evolving and getting better and better. We look forward to seeing what you can create with your imagination in time.
  3. Building a "Super Nintendo" with Dolphin Bar.

    Uae4arm you have to use an older beta build the latest version does NOT run or crashes on the STV currently, the dev is aware. I should really do a list of what I use for what in my Hono's Shield TV setup thread. More often than not I use Retroarch but I should list the cores and the standalone EMUs I do use
  4. Building a "Super Nintendo" with Dolphin Bar.

    As I said, it's possible stuff did not transfer over FTP with Filezilla. It can freak out with large transfers, so you have to do it gradually. It actually states if there are failed transfers in the footer, you have to keep an eye on it.
  5. Building a "Super Nintendo" with Dolphin Bar.

    I have PM'd you in the Amiga convo you're a part of. It's totally worth documenting everything here though as you go. Not only does it help other users but you can come back yourself when you've forgotten stuff down the road. You wouldn't believe how many times I've googled something only to find myself giving the answer from previous replies
  6. Building a "Super Nintendo" with Dolphin Bar.

    Clicked Super like before even pressing play on the video Just for other users to be aware. Powering off the system by the button is NOT a good idea. The STV needs to be shutdown via the settings>about menu. If you just kill the power, the next boot the STV will want to scan the HDD for errors before you can access it and that will take quite sometime. It's awesome for powering the NES (Nintendo Entertainment Shield TV) on though!
  7. How to create Hyperspin themes - Nvidia Shield

    Yes we are! lol Sadly I don't do videos anymore but Thatman has written up tutorials on here. We've even gone as far to get "new" stuff added at members requests...like Quake. We actually had to make the artwork for that and record the video previews. I've seen plenty of Shield setups but not quite as fancy as mine. Although my setup would be nothing if it wasn't for all the amazing content creators who made the themes etc. Yes I've made some of my own but I'm not nearly as skilled as some of these talented guys
  8. How to create Hyperspin themes - Nvidia Shield

    I know that but the name of the thread suggests content creation. Just add the systems to the Main Menu.xml, they are shown in the order you list them in the xml. There are already classics wheels for Capcom, Midway, irem, Konami etc etc. I'm fairly certain my classics system ini's just point to my mame roms folder as it made life easier. You can look at this old video of my setup to get an idea of how it can look.
  9. How to create Hyperspin themes - Nvidia Shield

    Creating themes and adding them are two different questions. If you already have the zip files they live in the Hyperspin/Media/Main Menu/Themes folder. I might have the path slightly off but you get the idea. You will have a Main Menu.xml file in the Database folder. You edit this to add or remove the systems you want on the main menu. Keep in mind that how things are named is very important when using a Hyperspin. Names must match exactly
  10. No games list/ Database XML Files

    It's wise to ensure your games play through your emulator before even entertaining tinkering with Hyperspin. The brief black screen is most likely because your ini file is incorrect for that system. Either the exe line or the parameters line... Possibly both. Thatman84 has given you solid advice. Baby steps is the key, one system at a time. Forum members, myself included often share snippets of our ini files to help people out. Have a read through the forum threads in the Android section. It'll help you by seeing what emulators we use for the systems. Quite often it will be RetroArch but on occasions it will be standalone emulators such as Dolphin or Drastic for example
  11. Just venting a rant

    Oh dude, that's savage! We're rooting for you. We look forward to seeing your system complete. You're not directly asking for advice, so I take it you're OK with troubleshooting the PC?
  12. Shield me from the Sea!

    Just an update to let you know the project isn't abandoned! I'll be flying out to Latvia soon, to be back on the boat. The plan was to go to St. Petersberg but getting the visa was too much grief. The boat will now come to the UK for a short spell before moving on to Gibraltar. Will probably take nearly two weeks to get her to the UK from Latvia. I'm glad it's coming home with me. I have some more toys I want stowed on board. I have a spare UPS which can replace the one that's gone bang on the bridge. Every time we switch from shore power to the boat's generators the autopilot loses power and resets to factory defaults. It's a PITA and the UPS will cure that. I've been doing homework on the Projectors. As the cinema room is below deck and has no windows, blacking out the room is a simple as turning off the lights. A projector seems the way forward rather than a large TV. The Xiaomi Wemax seems reasonabubble for the money. Being laser it's long life, we don't have to worry about stocking expensive bulbs. A 150ish screen thrown just inches from the wall is great and I really don't want to faff around, mounting the unit to the ceiling and running cables. The input lag doesn't seem too bad for gaming, although I'm sure the STV will churn out movies more than games anyway. A router that will accept a 4G simcard is ~£100. I can run a cat 6 cable down to the cinema room. The deck above and cabins will have WiFi to service our phones. Those seats that wouldn't look out of place on a Boeing 747 will be removed and replaced with sofas. We're toying with converting the stability tank into an aquarium. The family room will have a sky light and would have a "glass floor" to see the fish below. The tank is actually behind the wall in the cinema room, so we might well be able to view the aquarium from there too and pull down a projector screen for "cinema mode". We don't know of any other yacht that's done this, so fingers crossed we can make it happen. The cinema room is actually a very reasonable size and I would like to get a PC built in there to do room scale VR. The Shield TV will do for now, until the new GPUs and CPUs are released later this year. I do have a nice VR arcade I've personally configured for the New Retro Arcade: Neon game on Steam. So I'm very keen to get this shown off on board. I've waffled enough for now. Wish me luck and if any of you have any advice, thoughts or insights... please do comment.
  13. Demul not going to Fullscreen in Hyperspin

    Not tried it myself yet as predominantly I'm on Android with the Shield TV but... On PC, RetroArch has a Reicast core for Dreamcast and Naomi. Atomiswave games converted to Naomi work with it too. Might be worth you guys checking it out if you're having issues with demul and nulldc
  14. Hyperspin & reicast (nightly)

    I'm signed up as a beta tester for Reicast, so they push out the latest dev builds to my Android devices. Both .cdi and .gdi work fine for me, I haven't got around to converting them to CHD. I'll provide a snippet from my ini file below [exe info] path= rompath=/storage/emulated/0/Hyperspin/Roms/Sega Dreamcast userompath=true exe=com.reicast.emulator/com.reicast.emulator.MainActivity romextension=cdi,gdi parameters= searchsubfolders=true pcgame=false winstate=NORMAL hyperlaunch=true [filters] parents_only=false themes_only=false wheels_only=false roms_only=true
  15. Many of us have a PC setup already so we can just transfer the files from that. Hypersync will download what we need with a minimum of fuss. You can download packs manually from this website, there's a decent collection of free stuff but the really cool stuff is for paid up platinum members. You'll find free themes, box and cartridge artwork in the Hypermedia section. Just transfer it across to the STV via FTP software as I've already hinted at. I'm sure thatman gave you a link for the directory structure so you know what goes where