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  1. Multi Hyperspins/Multi Systems on Android

    There you go my friend. He's making quite a bit of progress..a very interesting project
  2. Pas de probleme Yes I was trying out PPSSPP last night too. Vulkan does make a difference, The God of War games did stutter some what with Opengl.
  3. You don't need to extract the neogeo.zip. For Mame you also need "bios files" like qsound.zip in amongst the Mame roms for the games to play....if that helps explain what we are doing. I'm leaning more to it being your roms. We can't really talk much about them here, HOWEVER...one of the Moderators Reznnate started a thread on here some time ago talking about HFSBOX15K. I used that as a "starter pack" for my Shield TV before Thatman did his guides. It's French but don't let that put you off...Google is your friend. All the best with it...let us know how you get on. Great to see you're already making progress.
  4. Yeah I didn't buy the 500GB Pro as the HDD is a point of failure. Replacing that internal drive will no doubt be ball ache! I just bought a 1TB hybrid drive and a USB3 enclosure. I thought it was worth mentioning as I don't know how the OP has his Shield configured.
  5. I point RA to my Roms/BIOS folder which contains the files needed. I have adopted the external HDD, so it's now "internal storage"...not sure if it works if the drive is used as "portable"
  6. Quite a read...Sorry to see you're having such grief. Can you actually play the games within Retroarch itself? I can only help with Neogeo as I don't use the other two systems on the Shield. The Bios file is called neogeo.zip and should be located with the rest of the neogeo game roms. I do however have a BIOS folder in my Roms folder, which I have pointed RA to for other systems. I'll include my neogeo.ini file, hopefully it helps you out some. SNK Neo Geo.ini
  7. When you've loaded the Atari800 core, in the quick menu under options...it will show nothing until you've loaded content. Once you've loaded an A5200 .bin file (for example) you can then see "Atari System" in options. You can flick through the systems supported, the controls menu (within the quick menu) will let you select Atari Joystick etc.
  8. ScummVM on Shield TV

    A bit off topic BUT since you asked...I bought a Seagate Firecuda and a USB3 enclosure...it's a hybrid drive, like they use internally on the Shield Pro. I chose to have it as adopted storage. The Shield TV will do the format and adopted the drive
  9. ScummVM on Shield TV

    No, I gave up. I can start the core (within RA) and access the black and green GUI. However when I try to add games, I can't choose a directory. I read about creating .scummvm files to put in the game directories but from what I understood the games still needed to be added with the Scummvm GUI for those to work. Currently I just launch the Scummvm Android app from SPMC/KODI and choose the games to play from there.
  10. Dreamcast Naming

    Yes it's odd you don't have gdi or cdi files. It's these that are named to match the entries in the Dreamcast.xml file (HyperSpin Database).
  11. Launching from SPMC/Kodi

    Great to hear you're making progress. We'd love to see what you've put together when you're happy with it. You can remove the wheel curvature in HyperHQ and set it to be straight. I used to use the thick black bordered wheel art you're asking about but now I'm using Crylen's 16:9 pack. You don't need to be a paid member to download those BUT I don't want to deter you from getting the membership. Remember you want to look at doing Emumovies as well so you can get the video snaps in HD for your games.
  12. Thatman84 has done some great guides you should look at. It will answer a lot of what you are asking. Yes, you can copy your stuff across. However...you'll find some of the media (e.g theme zips) are not compatible with the Android version. You'll need new settings files for the systems which we keep in the settings_Android folder. Some emulators on Android can't use roms that are zipped. Take it wheel by wheel and you'll get there eventually. The Shield can't emulate all your PC can do...so look into the Gamestream to launch your PC Hyperspin setup remotely. The Shield is a great little box, if you put in a little time to tweak it right. All the best.
  13. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    You've earned a break fella...enjoy it. Was pleased to hear the Wife is on board with the shield TV. Back on topic.... I've completed the CD32 wheel. For the Amiga PC the U.A assets are short compared to TOSEC. I've extracted the .lha files to folders with Workbench. I seem to be short a few videos but the wheel art and box art are sound.
  14. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Welcome to the club Ransom. I'm glad one of my videos has brought you here. Personally I just use HyperSpin and Arc Browser. AB works with recommendations row (also changes the homescreen wallpaper) as well as the voice search which makes it very versatile once setup. I launch HS from SPMC (Kodi) on the odd occasions I want to show off to friends. Paired together they make for a nice setup HyperSpin on Android is a slightly different animal than the PC version you might be familiar with. Thatman84 has done some nice guides to follow if you want to get better acquainted with how it's configured. All the best with your new toy.
  15. Launching from SPMC/Kodi

    LOL I wouldn't worry about it buddy. My friends get confused if I'm showing a video of my HTPC, Shield TV or even a Raspberry Pi. Because Kodi is setup the same on all the "boxes" even sometimes I get confused