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  1. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Amuses me the Owl swooping in for the "Mouse". No doubt somebody will do better but this rush job will do me, it still ties in with the wheel art and other theme
  2. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Well the video gets to it eventually lol It's not for me but has some nice effects. Not sure how compatible that theme will be with Android but I'm sure you guys will "fix it" if needs be. I've got my Psygnosis Owl now...I'm happy
  3. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    That'll do I think...you can spend forever and a day tweaking this stuff!
  4. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Thanks to @thatman84 and Diskmach. I got some new assets to play with. So I've started tweaking out a new theme for the Amiga. Still needs some attention but it's nice to have something new to look at. The P-UAE core has returned to Retroarch BUT I still think UAE4ARM (Beta), loading HDF Versions of the games is the way forward. I've opted to also be able to load Workbench, it's configured with a Bootloader for the WHDLoad folder versions of the games as well.
  5. Hono's Shield TV setup

    I'll have a play with that Zool theme in red as a base, work different assets in. That way it should still "tie in" with the game select menu for Amiga. I'll then see if I can get a couple more Android games covered quickly. Thanks again, for your time tinkering away.
  6. Hono's Shield TV setup

    I tell you what I'll do dude. I put them on your FTP and then you can put them where, how you see fit. I'm sure I'll get a few more done before I head off. I'll make sure you have what I have before I leave. P.S I was only teasing about cracking on with "THE OWL" but fair play. I would love a new theme for the Amiga, the HDF's work sooo much better it's given my "proof of concept setup" a new lease of life
  7. Hono's Shield TV setup

    Is there any interest for these Android Themes I have cobbled together, with the wheel art? They're not amazing but far better than nothing I suppose. I'll be heading out again soon and will be "offline" much of that time. If there's interest I'll attach the stuff here before I leave.
  8. ScummVM on Shield TV

    As the games you are mentioning are a series. You'll need to copy the correct .DAT file into each game's folder along with the .scummvm file which is what Hyperspin sees to launch the game.
  9. Amstrad CPC Caprice core added into Retroarch

    The Amstrad CPC Caprice 32 core is listed in the online updater. No need to use a custom retroarch.cfg file to install the core
  10. STOP procrastinating and get on with the Amiga Owl theme
  11. HyperSpin Controls on Nvidia Shield

    I don't use Retro X. Yes a nice option for "noobs" BUT it doesn't do all the systems I want. Nothing (on Android anyway) compares to Hyperspin. That's why we do things "the hard way" because it looks so awesome
  12. ScummVM on Shield TV

    There's no need to add the games in the ScummVM launcher. Sorry, I don't know if those .dat files count as game files, so I won't supply or link them as it may break forum rules. Lure_of_the_Temptress_test.mp4 ***EDIT*** Those .dat files are game engine data files. They are in the official ScummVM Github repository. https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/tree/master/dists/engine-data
  13. HyperSpin Controls on Nvidia Shield

    Yeah sadly that video is gone now. My Hyperspin library is larger than AB as I haven't added everything in yet (just what I commonly play). It's not hard to setup, he makes templates for most systems and it's easy enough to make others. It can scrape for artwork and metadata, he also has video previews on the to do list. I have been asking him to look over how he implements custom artwork, other customers have too. Would be great if I could just point it to the HS media and use that rather than doubling up artwork.
  14. HyperSpin Controls on Nvidia Shield

    Have a look at Arc Browser Nigel as it supports favourites and genres. It does cost money but is a nice frontend. The dev is constantly improving it and does listen to feature requests, I use it alongside Hyperspin. HS is the party piece to show off to friends BUT AB has some really cool features that make it more useful for day to day use. Like working with recommendations row on the STV home screen and it even supports voice search. So you can say "Mario" and it will show all the Mario games you have added into it's library from all the different systems. What's really slick is if you use Kodi (SPMC) as well. If I say "Robocop" the STV shows me the movies I have in the SPMC library but also the games I have across the different systems via Arc Browser.
  15. No worries. I've fixed my video links, sorry I was in the process of switching Youtube channels. Glad you're happy with the collections we quickly threw together.