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  1. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Has Horace made changes to the Bootloader? Does he plan to? Ransom explained why it's flawed, IMHO testing those games with it is a waste of time, unless the Bootloader is "improved" . HDF just works, I'm thankful Ransom is taking the time doing those conversions (and he tests them) so I don't have to (using Damien D's guide). I'm not against having the WHDload games, I use them for Workbench as you can't load the HDF games in that environment. As I have explained, the Bootloader I use in Workbench is better than the Ultimate Amiga one (done by Horace). I understand you'd rather do something rather than nothing, whilst you wait on the port. I'd humbly suggest you learn how to do a Workbench install and get the Bootloader working with it. Real Amiga fans will really appreciate having that option and a guide how to do it. I'll have a gander at what's been added to the WIP guide when I have some free time. Once the Android port is available, I'll have this done pretty rapid. Midwan has said up to 6 months, hopefully Bspinner will cut that ETA down a great deal. I'm hoping things in my world will have calmed down to a degree by then. All the best with it
  2. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Thank you. As far as the videos go, I had very few subscribers (under 50) and not much of an audience judging by the views (most videos never even had close to 100). Kind of expected for such a niche topic, although had there been more interest...I may have left them online. As I said, I won't be doing any more now. If you have other systems you want done, I'd suggest that would be a good way to spend your time. Yes Thatman could do a "basic guide" for UAE4ARM and it is actually closely related to Amiberry, so much of it would carry over. Although personally I'd rather he enjoy the Amiga games whilst we have this quiet spell. He has plenty to do once the Android port becomes available. If you really want the Amiga done as you only have a few games. Ideally you need to find Ransom's Amiga collection for the RPI (I can't link you to it), to get the HDF versions of the games. You can create uae files easily enough in the UAE4ARM GUI. You won't need to worry about the WHD Bootloader, just mount the HDF game in the virtual drive, save the uae BUT you'll want to rename it so it matches to the Hyperspin database exactly. You point the Hyperspin Amiga.ini file to where these files are and of course use uae as the file extension for roms. Sounds like you already have some experience with the Amiga so you should already have the kickstart files for the Amiga computers. All the best with it.
  3. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Thanks Rezz. There's an awful lot going on and it's not something I really want to openly discuss on a public forum. It's not just "trolls", I've just had to re-evaluate my priorities. I do still chat with Thatman and Ransom from time to time. I'm equally sad that I can't do more to help them both (Ransom with his RPI project & Thatman with the HS stuff), I feel a little guilty they are taking on so much of the work alone. I was actually most impressed at your generous offer to help out Midwan with Amiberry on Android. I can tell you that bspinner has taken up the android port as of last week, you might want to make the same offer to him. I'll link the github page so you people can see how he is progressing. Thanks again dude. https://github.com/bspinner/amiberry-android
  4. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Thanks buddy. To clarify...I haven't just taken down the Amiga videos, I have closed the Youtube channel down. Yes, I have more important things to contend with at home. I do not have the time to maintain the channel or create content. Nor the patience to put up with comments mocking my accent or demanding download links, so people can have my setup (which would never happen as it violates Hyperspin rules). I will NOT revive the channel or be making any more videos...I know they did help out quite a few people and I am grateful to those who liked them and gave positive feedback. This thread is essentially DEAD! Thatman has already started a new thread for Amiberry, which he will no doubt flesh out, once we actually have an Android port for it. As he said it could well be many months before we get the port. Even when we do have it, there might still be issues that need resolving to make it more "friendly" working with frontends. We've made these issues known to the devs, we'll just have to hope they can address them. Most of what I know and have learned I have passed on to Thatman. He has to decide how he wants to proceed, which is difficult to do until we know if the Launch intent issues will be addressed. Rest assured he and Ransom do converse frequently and are working away to get this done to help everyone in time. I can't stress enough the insane amount of work Ransom has put into this for his love of the Amiga (the man is a machine!). Thatman does some really good guides and these are also time consuming and awkward to do...I have faith he will do a very good job continuing this in the new Amiberry Amiga thread.
  5. Daphne libretro core test

    I don't use overlays or any of that jazz, was no real drama to recover RetroArch. Amstrad CPC requires a custom .cfg file though to install the Caprice core, like we do with this Daphne core currently. I can confirm Interstellar is working on my STV. You have to be careful with Daphne and the game files you are using. My friend had Dragon's lair playing with audio BUT the screen was black. Testing this will be tricky as many people will no doubt have different files because they don't create them from the original disks. As I said I'm "jacking this in" for quite some time now. Best of luck with it guys. I'll catch up with you all, once things in my world calm down.
  6. Daphne libretro core test

    Hero was also an acceptable answer! Honestly the games you are toying with are rather naff (granted everything needs testing), the true classics are essentially interactive cartoons. They are fiendishly difficult but do look incredibly cool! Not sure I'd want to play them on a touchscreen though, as there are often visual cues on the screen. My hands would impair my vision, a bluetooth gamepad would make a lot of sense to really enjoy the games. I have an 8bit do FC30 Pro, which is suitably retro and small enough to be portable for gaming on the go (I know you're away from home a lot). All the best with it buddy. I've seen Midwan has finally got Amiberry on his Android Molly, for Amiga emulation....exciting times ahead!
  7. Daphne libretro core test

    Daphne has always confused people, it can be tricky. The emulator has a Daphne loader application. This is used to scan the original disk and will then process the game into a named game folder within the vldp folder. You'll see video files in there and some .txt files etc. Think of the .txt files as the .cue files we use for CD based sysems...it's a "data sheet" with the track information. I copied across the entire emulator folder as it made life easier, Rezz explained you don't actually need all of it though. You will have a roms folder with zips in.This is what Retroarch will load, point your Daphne.ini to this folder. As stated before the game's video files should be within a vldp folder (e.g vldp/lair, vldp/cobra etc). Copy out the .txt files from the game folders and put them in the Framfile folder. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART... Open one of the .txt files. The first line is stating where these video files are located. It will most likely be incorrect as it was originally done on a PC, so would point to C:\*** or might just have a fullstop. Edit it to the path you have for your Shield TV, so it can find these video files for the games. Rinse and repeat for all the other game .txt files. Strangely I couldn't get the games to load directly from RA by loading content, no doubt this will get resolved in the official core. I've loaded a few games from within Hyperspin though, Road Blaster, Cobra Command and some of the other "80's Anime" style games. Bega's Battle worked which was nice, that never used to work on the RPI, although it might be fixed by now. If not that's a nice one up us Shield owners finally have Hopefully that's enough to get you setup and going. I've got a lot going on at home so I'll be "jacking this in" for a while now, I won't be doing videos or any "guides". Think of this as my parting gift All the best buddy
  8. Sega CD iso folder structure

    No worries. It's not a headache to play the games. I use the "genesis_plus_gx" retroarch core. It will need bios files, you'll have to sort those out. Personally I put them in a BIOS folder in my Roms folder and point Retroarch to it. All the best with it
  9. Daphne libretro core test

    Rezz said please don't broadcast it....and you put a video on youtube *sighs*
  10. Daphne libretro core test

    Thanks for this Rezz! It's bugged me for such a long time that the RPI can do Daphne and our Super Shield TVs couldn't. I look forward to seeing this finalised!
  11. No worries, I think it's important to show support to people and encourage them! I had to ask about the specs, as I know people will be curious. That Rig's not to be sniffed at...it's got some poke to it Funny how music can do that, isn't it? I'm more of a "Hokuto No Ken/Fist Of The North Star" man myself. Here in the UK, the dub got a dark and sinister Drum and Bass soundtrack to it. "Cyber City Oedo" dubbed has an awesome Rock soundtrack. I've seen the Jap originals and do prefer the dubs...not because of the language but the different music just fits so well!
  12. Looks great! What are the specs of the rig in the cabinet? I wish you all the best with your project
  13. Sega CD iso folder structure

    Simple fix? Don't forget about the filters in the .ini file dude. It MUST be set to "roms only=false" and so everything from the database will show on the Sega CD wheel. Not a problem if the OP is doing the lot BUT if he only wants to do a few games, the Sega CD.xml will need trimming down. It's a fair bit of faff, I hope the video I did for ScummVM helps him along. Obviously he'd use .cue as the extension not .scummvm but he should get the idea hopefully.
  14. Sega CD iso folder structure

    I did a video about ScummVM using this "trick". That's how Thatman knows about the media having to be in folders. If you want to use unique game themes with this "trick", these zips also need their own folders within the themes folder. I'll link the video I did (hopefully from the 1:50 mark) maybe seeing it will help, there's a pinned comment with a link to useful software thanks to Thatman
  15. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    That's a great start. Different themes to what I use and I have a retro TV ad on the main menu BUT I love seeing all the different ways people show their collections off. I've done a cheeky little video so you can compare We can play some of the games BUT as you know we can't bind one of the CD32 gamepad buttons to the controller...I forget which one it is now, Blue maybe. "Amiberry 2.0" has supposed to have improved custom controls, I look forward to testing it out once an apk is made available.