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  1. Building a "Super Nintendo" with Dolphin Bar.

    Just to keep you all in the loop. The project is still on going! I recently returned to the UK, Grrrrallye in fact collected me from the airport! I did offer to do the data migration for him to the smaller 2.5 inch drive BUT he's determined to do it himself. I'm fairly certain the Hyperspin folder has been completely backed up. The 3.5 inch SSHD needs to be "forgotten" and the new 2.5 inch Firecuda "adopted" and the content copied back across...then testing can begin. Just a matter of time folks! I'm really looking forward to seeing this completed
  2. Shield me from the Sea!

    I'll attach some more photos to keep you guys "interested" until the geek stuff begins! As you can see I've had a bit of fun on the boat and we've already made a start on exterior and interior changes. Before anyone asks..YES..that is a former military patrol boat we are moored next to
  3. Shield me from the Sea!

    Thank you! I flew back to the UK Friday night. The Yacht has already changed quite a bit (all that ugly red railing has been chopped off for a start!). I'll upload some photos once she's been sand blasted, painted and the sheet metal welded on. I've seen there are Asus routers that accept sim cards but can't find anywhere that stocks them damn it! The bridge needs to be overhauled, internet sorted...then I'll crack on with the Cinema room
  4. Shield me from the Sea!

    @thatman84 Can you or one of the other admins/mods move this to the projects section of the forum please? Pity I've not had many replies, I'll be back to the boat in July and need to crack on with this!
  5. LOL! You doughnut, although I've done worse... recorded whole Youtube videos with the mic muted I can upload my "Quad damage collection" videos to your FTP if you want them. I got back from Latvia this weekend so I can be a bit more useful until I go back
  6. Building a "Super Nintendo" with Dolphin Bar.

    Youtube is the obvious answer mush . Just paste the link and it will show and play directly in this thread
  7. pinball

    I did it by creating an Android wheel and added Zen Pinball into the Android.xml game database file. I'm fairly certain there's already a thread about creating an Android wheel. Basically your roms folder is the Android/data folder. Installing "Quick shortcut maker" (might have to sideload it to the stv) will make your life easier as it will tell you what name to give the Android game to launch it. I'll attach my .xml if it's still on my laptop to give you an example to follow. In my Hono's Shield TV setup thread, I was showing off this Android wheel. I uploaded the themes and Artwork to @thatman84 for him to distribute on here. Android.xml
  8. Shield me from the Sea!

    Thanks guys! Yes I'm aware of connectify. There is a laptop on the bridge for the course plotter (i.e maps/charts). I had considered the possibility of using that with connectify and try wiring in a router (on a lower deck) as an access point. I need to weigh up options and honestly would prefer a hardware solution, to avoid using the Bridge's laptop. I have some friends who live "off the grid" and am waiting to hear back how they do it. I realise it's a luxury yacht and you'll think my budget is "unlimited" BUT it's really not! Obviously I'm not going to buy cheap crap, although I'd like to keep costs down and use good value devices. It's eye watering the costs going elsewhere on the vessel, the cinema room is hardly a high priority. We still have to do interior changes and decorating, never mind the exterior alterations. Of course I'll keep this updated. I'm quite excited to have Hyperspin shown off on the high seas
  9. Building a "Super Nintendo" with Dolphin Bar.

    Uh oh! Killing the power isn't a good idea really. Any experienced RPI owner will tell you that, as it can lead to files getting corrupted. However... If you power down the STV correctly the "kill switch" might be more convenient than flicking the switch at the wall socket to power it back on. On your STV, I'm fairly certain the shutdown command is "hidden" in settings/about from the STV dashboard.
  10. Shield me from the Sea!

    Right peeps, this might prove to be an interesting "build log" on the forum! As some of you know, I'm currently on a commercial support vessel being converted in to a luxury yacht for my uncle. It's a family project... I decided to bring my Shield TV onboard and he's impressed with what it can do and how easy it is to use. There's a "home cinema" below deck but it was extremely low tech. Ripped out the ancient CRT TV and replaced it with a 2nd hand LCD TV for now. Definite improvement BUT a long way from what we ultimately want. Exterior work on the yacht is going ahead in Latvia and I'm trying to plan this out in the 5 days it'll take us to get there from Norway. Some advice and recommendations would be welcome with the following topics... First issue is internet connectivity. Forking out for internet via satellite isn't really an option as it's uber expensive. Yes we can use our phones as WiFi access points BUT we don't get signal down in the cinema room (odd as i do in both the engine rooms). I don't have much experience with the USB dongles for internet, although if memory serves some Asus routers can use them if connected. If i can locate the router to provide WiFi to the cabins and run a CAT cable down to the cinema room, that seems to be a viable option. Second issue is the display. A short throw projector and screen seems like a sensible choice to me. I can have a small cabinet to hide it and the STV from view. If any of you reading this can recommend what you're using or one that's good value for money, that would be awesome! Waffled on enough, I'll attach a few photos and upload more as the project progresses. Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.
  11. (Tutorial) ScummVM with RetroArch

    Yeah no worries. I'm fairly certain they're available from the Scummvm website anyway, they're not hard to find. I posted what I used and they're confirmed working on my setup. Glad to see you're enjoying yourself. There are some awesome games to play in this collection
  12. Building a "Super Nintendo" with Dolphin Bar.

    Cheers! Choices are key mate. I have the GTX 960 4GB, told at the time it wasn't worth buying (I had my own opinion). Cost me £150 (on par with 2GB model) and got MGS: Phantom Pain with it. Fast forward 2 years, still as good as a 1050Ti. Playing the same games as current consoles, have the PC back catalogue and of course emulation more varied and impressive than the STV. I've done a Mini-ITX HTPC system for my old dear. In the pic you can see it's actually sitting on my laptop. It's as small as I was willing to go...I know I could get my 960 GPU in there too. The Pentium G4560 is no slouch really, I got that before the prices rocketed because of demand for it. Had the STV a couple of years too, it's used daily. Yes there was a learning curve but it's good out the box as is. The ultimate package I've ended up with is pretty slick. Wife approval rating is high when you can just use your voice to search for a movie to play (in Kodi) or say "Mario" and see the games spanning across the different systems (from Arc Browser). Geforce Now subscription adds PC quality graphics, if you buy a game you get the key for PC too. Once you have the gaming PC you can ditch G-NOW and do Gamestream from your PC. Hyperspin is just the icing on the cake, as a bit of showing off really
  13. Building a "Super Nintendo" with Dolphin Bar.

    No worries, thanks fella! Proper job on the measurements too! Tribe fan is right the STV is not perfect for GC/Wii emulation BUT we have some games playable. I think it's cool to be able to see them included alongside the other Retro Nintendo systems. Yes as I said earlier, PC would be the better way to go (for everything really) BUT the STV is impressive for what it is and makes a great companion device if you have a PC with an Nvidia GPU. My friend is actually being quite modest, he has a water cooled Xbox 360 in the Millenium Falcon Star Wars toy (he'll try giving me credit for that project too no doubt, as he's a nice guy). He has always wanted to do something with the NES case and spit balled the idea of a PC build in one BUT I talked him out of it. I've seen these already done well BUT a half height GPU like a 750Ti would hamstring the PC gaming potential (even if it did cover the emulation needs well). Yeah sure we now have AMD's better APU's but again, these would require a GPU to play modern triple A titles really well. If you're gonna spend the money building a PC, you really should get the most out of it as Mini-ITX builds are hardly cost effective. Well that's my opinion anyway.
  14. Building a "Super Nintendo" with Dolphin Bar.

    Honestly there is no real rush. I know the Dolphin Bar isn't a lot to buy and also works for the PC, which would actually be the better way of emulating the Wii. I am not a Nintendo fan at all BUT my buddy is, so I'd like the games that do run quite well to be enjoyable to play. Uploads are already done, directly to you. Not all of the themes are mine (e.g Doom 3, Tomb Raider), I used some from the PC version of the games. You know the crack sometimes themes do need converting to work on Android, I did make the other themes though. They're a "rush job" but are good enough for me. I hope they're of use, you can distribute them as you see fit on here fella.