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  1. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Yes I feel your pain Mike. I lied to you though..I do have Super Famicom artwork. I had forgotten because I hate it...looks like a cube not a game box. The last lot of resizing I did was for cartridge artwork so it would "slot" into the console for the system theme. I would think CD32 is the next logical call. Fewer games and the CD images are definitely not changing. We just need to rename database and artwork for the .uae files, POuteur seems to be doing well. For Amiga, WHDload will NOT cover all the games though, some are .adf like "Rorke's Drift" (think Zulu with Michael Caine) off the top of my head. I don't know the limit for floppy drives we can mount (the GUI allows 3 I think), some games were on a stupid number of floppies, hopefully most of those are WHDloaded. It's great they are working away on the emulator, seeing compression support is GOOD. I think I'll leave Amiga alone for a little while longer and see what happens with UAE4ARM...I can launch the games with Workbench anyway so I'm in no rush. If they get it working with zip games that's great, as that's what the HyperSpin Database appears to be named after. If they could make it less fussy about the names through launch intent that would be even better.
  2. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Honestly I didn't follow what you guys were doing too closely. You're using Retroarch correct? As much as I love RA, cores can and do mysteriously disappear from the build bot. I have been using UAE4ARM for a while now and dedicated emulators have their place...I admit Retroarch powers much of my HyperSpin collection though. I know some people were making .hdf files for the games then making the .uae to launch it. From what I understand the Ultimate Amiga WHDload collection is being renamed here and there. We can release a .uae collection BUT some of those files would need editing down the line if the WHDload folder names alter. Ideally we want a "game rom set" that will be left alone... I was using a WHDload zip set (don't ask me what one) but we need the folders not zips to load. I noticed the ultimate Amiga WHDload collection was short a few games I had in "my" original collection. Thatman and I are just spit balling ideas and hoping we can find a set to recommend once he works on an Amiga guide.
  3. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Mate, if your Wife is using the box... you are WINNING If she enjoys using it there's no need to "justify" the purchase...meeeybe get another one Short answer....no I haven't. Long answer... I've not touched it since testing the CDTV. I had a friend drop his RPI 3 (Arcade/media centre) off over the weekend, did it a year ago and needs updating. David Marti has done great work with his Motion Blue (HyperPie) project. He's translated the Hyperspin database files so it's dead easy to port HyperSpin assets across. I'd have liked to have done more with the Amiga so I could have reused those "assets" for the Pi as well. I don't think Amiga will be too bad to be honest, I'm keeping it as one wheel (Mr. Sanchez has split his ECS/AGA). We'll need some adjustments to the .xml for a few games to launch and obviously rename their artwork accordingly. CD32 will be a bitch as the whole .xml looks like it needs to be redone and the artwork. As you know the emulator can't launch if the name has special characters (that includes "space"!). I'm multitasking best I can I need this RPI 3 out the way and I have a guitar across my knee, trying to get "Nightcrawler" by Judas Priest ingrained in my muscle memory before Halloween....then I'll return to the Shield and try out some WHDload packs EDIT for P.S My main "concern" is that the emulator is still in Beta to use launch intent. I'd prefer to continue once it's out of Beta in case they make any significant advances, rendering all our extra efforts pointless. HyperSpin isn't the only Frontend on Android so I'd hope launch intent is up there on the list of stuff for them to work on.
  4. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    C'est mon plaisir! Tres bien mon ami You provided lots of help much earlier in the thread for Amiga via Retroarch. Although I never used your "assets" (as I wanted to use UAE4ARM), I was happy to assist you (& others) so we can get to the ultimate goal. All the best Pouteur
  5. Amstrad CPC Caprice core added into Retroarch

    I still have the file, although I can't remember here I sourced it from. I do believe Pouteur has a Youtube channel (Fredretrogaming), it's in French but there was a guide to installing Amstrad CPC with a link to that .cfg file I do believe.
  6. Toaplan

    Sorry I'm a little confused. If HyperSpin is stopping when just browsing the wheel...it might be that particular game has a theme.zip which isn't compatible with the Android version of Hyperspin. I have lots of custom themes for games and encountered this issue when bringing stuff across from my PC setup.
  7. Toaplan

    Can't say I have that system (unless the games are covered under MAME), I wouldn't even know what emulator you are using. I'd check that the problem games do actually play in the emulator first. If they do it's something you need to look at in HyperSpin. Could be how the games are named in the database.xml. The games that work might have no special characters in their name hence why they are ok but the others may have a "&" etc causing the problem with launch intent. All the best.
  8. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    My version is from the Play Store but I'm signed up as a beta tester. Can't remember how I signed up now, it was a similar process to when I signed up to Kodi. I'm sure you'll figure it out with our friend Google. That Quickstart feature was very recently added, saw it when I made those videos for you all. It only shows floppy drives to mount but you can mount folders or a CD image through the other menu options. I tried some CDTV images (Turrican and something else) they don't boot. They don't list support for CDTV so I'm not complaining, any game shared with the consoles would be covered by CD32 anway I presume.
  9. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    That would be very helpful. We definitely should settle on a folder structure "standard" so a .uae set can be shared to help out others. If the "game romset" UA uses is ever changing that doesn't really help us. We don't need to scrape online for artwork we have our own already...which wants to be named the same as the Database. We will no doubt end up with a custom.xml which will be for our HyperSpin Android Amiga .uae & artwork collection So we need a "static game romset" we can say is highly compatible. I'm not suggesting we share it or link to it but we can name it surely? Plenty of people talk about "no-intro", "Tosec" etc etc. I think you're correct in that the traditional PC WHDload zip files are "no good", as I struggled using them with the UA Bootloader once extracted (in Workbench). I had another WHDload collection which is .lha instead of .zip which I extracted in windows...I had good results after testing a few (these were those CDTV games) with the Bootloader method. Considering the emulator itself is still in beta for us to do all this...I think we are doing well so far. Exciting stuff ahead no doubt
  10. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Well I've tried a couple of the CDTV WHDload games I have and they are working with the Bootloader. I do have some CD images so I'll test those next. Yeah no worries, It seems to have spurred a few people to revisit the Amiga for their setups. The config maker looks great, I'm assuming it names the .uae after the WHDload game folder by default. I think they are renaming these folders (& so the .uae) to help online scrapers pickup what the game is. That's great but the .uae files won't match our database (& artwork) plus their WHDload collection is lacking to what I have...so I've resorted to doing things the hardway/manually. I'm getting overly tired so am starting to make silly mistakes...I do need a break. It's great to see people interested in the Amiga systems though
  11. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    I'll see what I have in my library. I recall having some CDTV games as WHDload, they will need testing with that Bootloader. Purists are going to want to use CD images I suppose. If I have any CDTV images I'll see if they play nice with the CD32 Kickstart. The CDTV was based on the A500 the CD32 the A1200, I think some of the CD games played on either system. I'll do my best to get "the trinity" working, then go back to fleshing out the three wheels with games when I have more time.
  12. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Sounds like you needed to press a button as the emulator loaded to change device configuration. You needed to set the data installation location (I use SDcard Storage). Managed to get the CD32 games running in HyperSpin now. Will gradually add more when I have some spare time.
  13. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    No I didn't only the .uae. I thought HyperSpin only needs to see the .uae files, so it can load uae4arm with the preset we want for a particular game. I've added cue and bin now to the .ini, it makes no difference as I thought...uae4arm doesn't load the preset. Hopefully you can now at least emulate the system. Hopefully we can get these .uae files launched in the near future via HyperSpin.
  14. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    I just made a wheel for CD32 to test it. The .uae files load and play fine in the emulator BUT not when I try launching them from the HyperSpin wheel. Odd, as it's basically the same method which is working for my Amiga 500/1200 Wheel. Launch intent has only recently been added so perhaps it needs more work? I am a "beta tester" for the uae4arm app so I should have the latest version. The CD32 only had about 10 games exclusive to it. I think I'll just make .uae files for those games, so I can load them to play. I need to finish making all the .uae files for my Amiga wheel, hopefully as the emulator matures I can use the CD32 .uae files with HyperSpin. All the best
  15. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Hopefully this helps you out...couldn't find one so made one up quickly. The .uae is attached to this post Pouteur. ikpluskarate.uae