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  1. HiToText (Hi score support)

    @gigapig, thanks for the hint, I will give it a try tonight
  2. HiToText (Hi score support)

    I believe we can show hitotext on hypermarquee as well, right? I think I have seen that option when I was messing around with it. If so, any tutorial or hints to show it on the marquee?
  3. There needs to be a better way..

    Personally, I think it is worth updating at some point. Haven't done that before but like you are thinking it, I would just add the module to the module folder and give it a try. I don't think it should be a problem, but maybe a more advance user could confirm this
  4. Hi everyone, I got the complete set for this system but when I figured out the this is not a common system on hyperspin. After reading a bit, it says it uses openMSX, but openMSX is not even listed on my emulators list (rocketlauncher). So as the title says, who has this working properly? and if so what emulator is recommended (would still be openMSX)? thanks
  5. Yeah , what @artman99999 says is a good advice. I will do the same for as I have a few systems that are not stable and one wants to have the arcade as smooth as possible. Nice arcade cabinet!!
  6. Loving this project. I pinned this threadon my favorites so I start getting hints.
  7. @propdept I have been working on my hyperspin setup (with 115 systems, including collections like Capcom, midway, etc) for about 2 years. Still I have a few systems that I have not been able to configure properly, maybe because I have a lot of systems and I can't keep up, but I am very happy with what I have done until now. For your question, I can say that the emulator that is gonna keep you updating is Retroarch, but it runs a lot of systems and you would be only updating only emulator, pretty much. for MAME, I think as long as your rom set works then there wont be a need to change it. You should leave room to add more systems, as once you get it working well, you will feel greedy to add more stuff lol.
  8. Demul not going to Fullscreen in Hyperspin

    ok... so I just installed the latest Demul (from Nov/2017) and now it is working fine.... my god, what a headache, and I never found out what it was. I hope it doesn't mess up again.
  9. Rocketlauncher doesnt recognizes roms inside folder

    Check the extension and even the names between your roms and database. It has happened to me before and pretty much it is because I overlooked that. So Rocketlauncher, only highlight one rom in green and the rest in red? Post an screenshot to see how you have that.
  10. Dreamcast Naming

    @rp05 This is the naming that you should follow. Well, if you want to, of course. Regarding the type of files, it is up to you. CHD it is very convenient as @32assassin explains, it will be easier to have one file per game (or rom). In my case, every time I load a game, it uncompress the rom (inside the zip) to play, but I am ok waiting a few seconds. So I haven't changed my romset.
  11. Dreamcast Naming

    Like the screenshot below. Try to leave the naming like that though and it will be easier for you to manage it with the media.... believe me, I ended up changing all the naming of the roms this way, it will make your life easier.
  12. Demul not going to Fullscreen in Hyperspin

    I think it is, but I don't find retroarch that good with 3D games, albeit I love Retroarch. I will check how they are doing with that part though.
  13. Demul not going to Fullscreen in Hyperspin

    Thanks for your comment @agent47, I see that this case could be considered almost as isolated, as there seem to be only a few people with this. It is not the end of the world, of course, it still works somehow. I see if I find a way to leave as before, maybe deleting and creating some setting files for the Sega Dreamcast, as I believe its files have been corrupted.
  14. Demul not going to Fullscreen in Hyperspin

    Yeah, this is frustrating. I will keep trying to fix it. If I find a solution, I will post it here.
  15. Demul not going to Fullscreen in Hyperspin

    I feel that way too. It is so annoying. The weird thing is it use to work properly for a long time and suddenly this happens and I have tried whatever I can to fix it. Yes, you are right, except in this case for me (or a few people). I think some of the HS settings files may be corrupted (due to what I mentioned above), but I don't know which one would be.