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Game Wheels

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2 files

  1. Pinball Arcade - Game Wheel Pack

    naming scheme matches Marxkemps Pinball Arcade XML version 201.
    many of wheels in this pack have been re-cut and cleaned from lower quality wheels found elsewhere.
    some are complete redraws.
    files where not re-sized to the required HyeprSpin dimensions. This was intentional avoid since some of us have
    Pinball Cabinets and a larger files (the biggest file is 1553x438 and 813kb) look better on a 46 inch monitor.



  2. Pinball Arcade Kustom - Game Wheel Pack

    Pinball Arcade Kustom Wheel Art + Pointer. There are pointers for both normal and 16:9 screens. Will be updated when new tables are released. If some wheels are missing PM me and i will add them accordingly.



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