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Add-Ons to enhance your HyperSpin Experience

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  1. Random Intro Video: Randomizer

    So create a folder in :\HyperSpin\Media\Frontend\Video Called "Intros" and fill it with the intro videos you want to use and name them "Intro 1" "Intro 2" etc.
    Download the Randomiser and put it in your Hyperspin folder, or it will work anywhere.
    Run it and you will be asked for the file you want to Randomise, so point point to you original Intro.flv file in :\HyperSpin\Media\Frontend\Video.
    It will next ask you for the location of the folder with all the Intro videos you created in the 1st step, point to it.
    Next select the settings you want to use, my original file is already in this folder so I haven't checked the add original box.
    click Save.
    Now, for some reason the program starts again, maybe because you can set another random instance but I just closed the program at this point.
    So in the ini file that it creates I have this, but you don't need to worry about it.
    FileList=Intro 1.flv|Intro 2.flv|Intro 3.flv|Intro 4.flv|Intro 5.flv|Intro 6.flv|Intro 7.flv|Intro.flv
    RandomList=Intro 3.flv|Intro 1.flv|Intro 4.flv|Intro 2.flv|Intro 6.flv|Intro.flv|Intro 7.flv|Intro 5.flv
    Next fire up hyperHQ and click the Startup/Exit tab.
    In the exit program field point to the randomizer exe.
    In the Parameters field type "1" without the quotes.
    If you created more than one randomization you need to type in the numbers of how many, so if you made 3 you would type "1|2|3" again without the quotes.
    Now close HyperHQ and start HyperSpin. On first run it will show the original video but next time you run it the video will change.



  2. Hyper Helper- Multiple Displays

    Used to display info on a second screen
    - Will display game / controls information on a secondary display
    * Displays logos for system, game, genre, and rating
    * Displays actions for each button if available (mame, but could work with others following same format)
    * Displays primary control (4 way, 8 way, steering, spinner, etc)
    - Makes sure all windows stay in place going into and out of emulators so there is no screen shifting (some emulators cause this today)
    - Removes the taskbar whenever hyperspin starts (and restores it when it closes). This is for folks not running fullscreen.
    - Primarily using assets already present in hyperspin. No dual maintenance of files / art when possible.
    - Runs in system tray. Automatically shows when HS launches and hides when HS closes.
    - Shows a "please select game" / splash graphic when between games.
    - Display marquee images on screen above main screen



  3. Idle Volume Adjuster

    This will adjust your Master Volume in Windows Vista/7 to any level you wish, after a set amount of idle time. It will also fade the volume down and back up to normal, rather then an abrupt change. All of this is adjustable via the GUI when you run the app. It will create the settings.ini for you automatically on first use.



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