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  1. 636 downloads

    Used to display info on a second screen http://www.hyperspin...lay-controller/ Features: - Will display game / controls information on a secondary display * Displays logos for system, game, genre, and rating * Displays actions for each button if available (mame, but could work with others following same format) * Displays primary control (4 way, 8 way, steering, spinner, etc) - Makes sure all windows stay in place going into and out of emulators so there is no screen shifting (some emulators cause this today) - Removes the taskbar whenever hyperspin starts (and restores it when it closes). This is for folks not running fullscreen. - Primarily using assets already present in hyperspin. No dual maintenance of files / art when possible. - Runs in system tray. Automatically shows when HS launches and hides when HS closes. - Shows a "please select game" / splash graphic when between games. - Display marquee images on screen above main screen
  2. Wow looks great! Glad people are able to utilize my program in their cabinets!
  3. Haven't built it yet. Did build the software to control it that you can find on my other thread.
  4. Sorry. Meant marquee display (if you already have one).
  5. I think someone else is working on a pause screen control list and I believe it may be a feature scheduled for HS 2.0. I will see about the marquee screen. Out of curiosity what's the resolution of your screen?
  6. Anyone know if free or inexpensive software that will let me record multiple desktops? I will demo some of what I have.
  7. Ha! Good catch. Wished I used it more. I have hobby ADD if you will.
  8. If I understand their site correctly the 32 and 21" are models they "stock" the others are examples of custom work they could do. Not sure if the custom is significantly more $$$ or just more wait time. More info here: http://www.vitrolight.com/en/ClassSummary.html?cid=93
  9. For the 21" it is 1920X388 (16:3.2). It is LED. Not sure on the 26". Looks like it is 16:4.2 so whatever that math works out to be (my brain is too fried to calculate it at the moment). I will see what I can find out. My contact hasn't responded today to my questions but it is Chinese New Year so I may not hear back for a few more days.
  10. Made great progress tonight and was able to workaround a "bug" in the current version of Hyperspin (or HyperLaunch??). I can now reliably get the windows all to stay in (or move back to) their correct places going in and out of all the different emulators. The only hitch is that sometimes, depending on the emulator, there is 1-2 seconds of screen craziness. Not as clean as I would like but probably the best that can be done while having to try to do this from outside hyperspin and the emulators themselves. Making good progress. Had a couple people offer to test. Might have something for you at the end of the month. The only thing I don't really like is that some of these operations require the program be ran as an administrator. Wish I didn't have that going on as I know, with good reason, that can make people feel uncomfortable.
  11. I haven't purchased it yet. But I was quoted a price of $400 plus shipping.
  12. I forgot to mention this. I don't believe the stretch displays come with a frame/bezel. It's just the panel, driver board (VGA), and power.
  13. Directly from them once they are back from Chinese New Year. I can send you their email if you wish.
  14. I'm really early in the process but thought I would share my plans for a 3 screen arcade system. Why 3 screens you ask? Well I want to use a stretch display for my marquee that changes based on the game being played. Additionally I want to have a small "helper" display that displays the actions of the buttons / controls when available. For the additional displays I am writing software that watches for the hyperlauch process and intercepts the game being played. From there it looks up the image for the marquee as well as the images / data for the controls. I will use one of these displays for the marquee. I think the 32 in. Not sure. Here is the monitor I will use for the "helper" display. Will mount this under the main display. I won't be using the tankstik. Just using that to help during setup and coding. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1781468&CatId=164 I havent decided yet on the main display or style. Learning toward a style similar to BBB's MK cabinet. As for the software I am writing, I'm aware that there are some packages that do similar things. I haven't been thrilled with any of them and most (all?) seem like they have not been updated in a long time. Plus it is just fun to roll my own. I will share more as I make progress. Primarily work on software right now.
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