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    Used to display info on a second screen http://www.hyperspin...lay-controller/ Features: - Will display game / controls information on a secondary display * Displays logos for system, game, genre, and rating * Displays actions for each button if available (mame, but could work with others following same format) * Displays primary control (4 way, 8 way, steering, spinner, etc) - Makes sure all windows stay in place going into and out of emulators so there is no screen shifting (some emulators cause this today) - Removes the taskbar whenever hyperspin starts (and restores it when it closes). This is for folks not running fullscreen. - Primarily using assets already present in hyperspin. No dual maintenance of files / art when possible. - Runs in system tray. Automatically shows when HS launches and hides when HS closes. - Shows a "please select game" / splash graphic when between games. - Display marquee images on screen above main screen
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