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Hi, I would like the spec of a laptop or desktop to use for my arcade cabinet that I'll be just running classic mame games example wonder boy and galaga to name a few..., the old school games. Nes,Sega,megadrive and supernintendo.

Do I need a quad core processor? if so how much ram is 2gigs enough? or would a double core processor enough to run hyperspin and these old school game themes smoothly.?

I don't want to spend too much as Ill be making another cabinet to run fighting games or higher demanding games and I'll be getting a good computer for that.so I just want a good enough old desktop to be able to run those basic old school games for a cheap price.

Ill be making more than one cabinet as I'm setting up a game arcade room with different designed cabinets that Taylor to one specific genre.

Thank you.

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2nd hand half decent laptop/desktop is your best bet. Cheap as chips. Ensure you still buy it through a chain so your covered if it breaks.


More powerfull the CPU the better, cores do not matter although a bonus. What you want is a Intel chip with maximum ghz and if possible ANY kind of dedicated gfx. On board gfx can give issues

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