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  1. No longer even a contributonice :) 

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    2. Circo


      I'll tell you what security was shot on the old site, I have been pushing for this upgrade for a year now :)



      Well things are fishy.... very fishy :(

    4. kenhatchjr


      pm the admins. my account got messed up and they fixed it for me. 

  2. It's not as hard as you think if you already have hylerspin setup. I will see if I can make a layman's terms version for you all. It's one of those that it's harder in the head, than on PC hehe
  3. Yeah mate you can use a YouTube downloader. Lots out there. I find an addon for Mozilla is peregct and bug free. However I did leave my original in my FTP folder before it had gone read only along with the others too. My FTP folder was called EoooDares if it's still on there Give me a shout if your stuck... Will be able to sort you out. Happy Gaming All
  4. Thanks again guys... it me who learns soo much form you lot too. You guys show me new and crazy problems every day hehehe But yes mate, of course I am. At the moment I hear there is about to be released (no rush if your reading this RL devs), a new RocketLauncher update. some of the settings etc may be changed. I am just awaiting the updates for that before I make the new tutorials. Otherwise I may have to do them again straight after hehehe.''' In the meantime though, been trying to give you the emus and bits so you can get it going on your own if you want. As always, gimmie a shout if you need anything, happy to help if I can. Lots more HyperSpin stuff on the way... yaaaaaaaaaaaay!
  5. you cant play modern big budget titles. But you can play some cross platform new games... War of Mine, Hitman Go etc is great. Or you can stream to your android from a PC The only other option is older DOS or retro PC games that can be emulated
  6. If your control system is not compatible with standard HyperHQ control method (some aint). Then I would say Startup Script is the most compatible way to go and has no effect on the rest of your systems/games. For game to game controls that you HAVE to use Xpadder like the ones you say, TTX and some Indies/pre alphas that dont yet have control options. Use the automated method inside the Xpadder profiles. You can make Xpadder run silent, then if it spots a program being launched it fires up and sets controls for that system. Then when looses focus, back to default. Have a look in options... it sound complicated, but its not
  7. Some of the best classics..... none of my work... I did make this one in case you have some broken games your working on or have no video...
  8. I found the easiest way if you NEED to use Xpadder (only couple of TTX and indie games for me) is to use its own auto profiler. Set up a profile for those systems so it triggers on launch. Then set a default blank profile for it to use when not used. There is only a few games now that need it as a must
  9. I smell of quality products and my musk turns panties moist.... all facts!

  10. Looking forward to this one mate.... make sure you got plenty of snaps

    Atari ST?

    From what I remember I have this setup, works "OK" as it is a Computer based system, so doesnt play to well on the Arcade or Controller only side of things. But I dont have it enabled due to it not having a great collection of art made for it last I looked? Not sure if anyones made a scan from other systems to make up the wheels etc?
  12. Like it says on the tin.... everything you need to get it up and running I made the art from scratch.. let me know if anyones got better to share!
  13. I think XP is the oldest its possible to run on due to some of its needs from Windows. Although I could be wrong May I ask why?
  14. Awesome cab mate. Very clean and love the retro feel with the graphics
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