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  1. No longer even a contributonice :) 

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    2. Circo


      I'll tell you what security was shot on the old site, I have been pushing for this upgrade for a year now :)



      Well things are fishy.... very fishy :(

    4. kenhatchjr


      pm the admins. my account got messed up and they fixed it for me. 



  3. I smell of quality products and my musk turns panties moist.... all facts!

  4. The rocket Launcher folder can have implications by placing them all together. As RocketLauncher is now stand alone it also makes sense to keep em sep. This becomes more apparent after you start configuring more and also gives you more options hassle free in the future. Another good idea is to have the emulators in root to keep those free of clutter. So if I was to make another build I normally keep it to... HyperSpin RocketLauncher Emulators Roms All as my root folder structure. But again its all personal taste. The main thing to remember is RL out of HS folder. Don not use anything numerical on the Folder names. But its all up to you how you sort it. As for choosing guide.. all depends if you like to do things visually or verbal... they all get there in the end
  5. I like the idea of this one... I loved the EA slorts gamesup unroll a few years ago. Now they just DLC and micro transaction crazy. But my God could you make an awesome wheel with the retro titles in this neiche.
  6. Nice! I like this mate, does it come with the default type themes too?
  7. Loving the love mate I will have to start settingvthus up now hehe
  8. I did have something for this in my FtP folder... think.... it may help
  9. HERE is the artwork your after if it helps. Give me a shout if you want anymore?
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