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DIY "Any Coin" Mech

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Hi all. I am working on my pinball cabinet build (39/21/15) in a standard cab I am building from scratch. I have the main cabinet built and I was working on coin door modifications - a coin mech that will accept any coin. I figured I would post the end result.

I started looking for a coin mech that would accept any coin. I found a toilet paper funnel coin mech :-) but I wanted the arcade coin sound, so I kept looking at coin mech mods and then I ran across this... "Any Coin Mech" on arcadecontrols. Too bad it sold out back in Jan 2012.


Well I went to the hardware store to cobble something similar together and here is the result. For $2.28 plus tax, I have my version of the any coin mech


Here is the build - 2 electrical cover plates and 2 switch box supports(whatever that is). Its 4" x 4" and since a coin mech is 4" x 3.5", fits the coin door easily.


As shown in the pics, one of the tabs is bent differently - its the tab used in the top left (this is because the cover plate is 4"x4", but you need to make a wall at 3.5" to match the coin mech. No glue necessary, the tabs and fingers act like clips to keep everything secure. Tap the tabs lightly with a hammer to secure everything in place.














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interesting concept. you have now given me a cnc idea :)

That's great! Could be used by the mamecab community as well as the arcade and pinball machine owners. You will have to fine tune the coin drop sound, of course :-)

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