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Need Advice on Ball Top Joysticks


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Hi, everyone.  Love this place.  Anyway, I am in the planning stages of building a custom CP and I have always preferred ball top sticks over bat handle ones.  I was hoping someone could recommend a good ball top stick that has:


1) The option to change the ball top to a different color


2) No "clicky" sound (those are microswitch, right?)  Leaf switch are silent, yes?


3) iPAC compatibility (I assume they all are?)


What stick models/brands are you guys using?  I could sure use some guidance.

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Hi Mate 


i built my Vewlix clone with Sanwa JLF sticks and Sanwa OBSF Buttons ( buttons don't click at all )


initially i thought theJoysticks clicking would bother me however once the game is playing i have not noticed it at all.


For me as i play Mortal kombat , Street Figher etc i would not go pass SANWA parts .


Very easy install into a PS360+ to allow me to play on the Xbox 360 & a cronus max to play on xbox one .


Currently i am still setting up hyperspin which will have an IPAC installed also but it is very simple


Cheers mate 

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I have bought a standard pack at Arcade World UK and I'm happy with the buttons and the IPAC2 but the joysticks aren't that great.They have to travel a lot before they click. So I want to replace them.




I've been looking on the internet and been reading a lot about joysticks and still I have no clue what to get. A lot of fanboy's I suppose.


The only thing I want is a very responsive joystick (8way) for mainly schumps that I can connect straight into the micro-switches and that can easlily swap between battop and balltop.


Any advice?

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