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Hyperpin & tables, using in commercial premises


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I am in the process of having a VPin table built & once the build commences I will start a build thread elsewhere here.

(43" playfield, 32" Back Monitor, 15" DMD Monitor, Led-wizz, contactors, shaker motors, tilt, plunger etc)

In the meantime a friend of mine who runs a pub is very interested in having one of these machines in the pub. I don't want to do anything illegal so does anyone have any info on obtaining licensee from:-


Visual Pinball

Future Pinball

Bally / Williams

And if the Bally / Williams ones are no go then I could always try some well made tables that are available?

Of course if the cost of all of the above is prohibitive then it's a no go but I like the idea of one of these machines being made available to jo public.

I only want the machine to have 15 - 20 well configured tables, I'd appreciate any suggestions / links.

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My take on this: forget about it. Getting the whole setup to be 100% legal, will be impossible (at least without having DEEEEP pockets). You could look at buying and then converting an existing ULTRAPIN cabinet (on which you can legally play the 20 or so tables that were legally available for it). But even that license may prohibit commercial exploitation.

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No way it would generate enough revenue to cover all the difference licences needed to run it legal. Probably why its not been done before! Sadly all pub machines are dead now any way. 95% of fruit machine companies have gone under or been bought out. I think its just BellFruit left with their deal or no deal clones. And a few crappy quiz machines :(

Its all online/tablet/mobile these days.

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