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XPIN has Low Voltage DMD stock available

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To my friends on Hyperspin!

Wanted to let you know that I now have some inventory of my Low Voltage versions of my very popular Dot Matrix display. Check them out at http://www.xpinpinball.com/products/displays/XP-DMD4096LV

If you are interested, make sure you select the LV versions. I made some changes with the virtual pin hobbyists in mind by providing a 4 pin PC power connector, like you would plug a disk drive into. I did this so you wouldn't have to use a custom cable connection.

The XPin display is compatible with Russ Pirie's very popular pinDMD product.

Keep flippin!

Brett Davis


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Why are DMDs for pinballs so expensive? I mean for $279 i will get a 32" LCD TV with digital reciver and so called "smart functions". A "simple" maxtrix of only 4096 leds is the same price?

I guess it's suply and demand as usual. Not as many who by a DMD as a TV.

But still, even though the TV is sold in tousands and the DMD only in hundreds the complexity of a TV compared to a 128x32 DMD should still make it cheaper than a TV.

Ahh well, I guess I can complain all I want. As long as you others out there buy them for these prices I guess they are right.

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