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Contactor / blowing fuses please help!!!!!


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Hey all,

This is my 4th cabinet build, this one is giving me issues. Here's the specs

Running 24v Siemens contactors with led wiz

Running the ground through the led wiz and the 24v to the contactor, with diode the correct way.

Sometimes when I power on the 24v supply one contactor activates.

Next when using the ledwiz tool I can activate the contactors and watch the fuses blow.

Please any insight will help!

Thanks guys

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Didnt get a chance to put the contactors on a voltmeter yet, Im using 500ma fuses. I noticed last night that the wire my buddy brought over was for low voltage applications for like car trailer hookups. I am wondering if the wire would be causing this?

That would be the only thing that is different from my other builds?

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The wire gauge shouldn't be causing you any issues. As long as it's heavier than 24awg it should be more than enough.

If you're blowing 500ma there's something more to it than that.

Put the meter on a contactor and see what the amps are that are being pulled. Sounds to me like the contactors are too heavy a draw for the ledwiz to safely sink. If it was only one here or there, I'd say it's a bad contactor, but it sounds like the coil in the contactors you have might have been switched for heavier duty ones.

Another thing to check....and don't think I'm slagging you.....they aren't 24v AC contactors are they? That would cause what you're experiencing right off the bat.

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