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ALIENS Themed Cab


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This is my first build and I'm almost done. Wanted to show off my progress over the past 3 weeks.

It's a very loosely themed Aliens cab, not in any way a repro - Based on Weecade plans.

18mm MDF, primed and covered in Vinyl (I spent a week trying to paint with Rustoleum furniture paint and it just didn't come up as well as I'd have liked). I have experience working with vinyl so I got a bunch of that.


I've used Seimetsu sticks, Happ buttons and Cherry switches.


VERY excited to get this all together now I'm FINALLY in possession of all the parts. The acrylic and printing took almost the entire 3 weeks to arrive!








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This is the progress I've made this evening. Just another couple of hours I reckon. Think I've gone about one or two things the hard way. But without a suitable helper, I've made a few avoidable mistakes. CP is held on with a couple of roller clips. Just need to spend some time getting the monitor in the correct position.


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Thanks! I'm pretty happy with how it's coming on.

The CPO I ordered was printed vinyl with matt lamination, but I've a feeling the printer could obviously see what I was going for and upped the stock to something more suitable because it's WAY better than I was expecting!

I ordered online so no face-to-face conversation about it, but they got a good review from me ;)

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Looking really good mate! Most people seem to screw into wooden batons, hopefully those cabinet connectors will hold up.


Would you mind sharing the name of the company you used to print your control panel?


I was concerned about fixings at first. It's a combination of rigid joints and fixit blocks depending on the load. I also have 4 x 6 hole steel L joints on the base (2 on the front panel and 1 each side)

Pilot holes have stopped the MDF taking too much of a battering. I got the idea from Rich's Bartops, he recommends using them so I thought I'd give it a bash.


The printing came from https://www.colourgraphics.com


I also got the marquee gfx from them as well. I actually ordered 2 sets (Aliens and Star Wars) it was only a little more so I just loaded up the order, considering a 4-way vertical cab at some point.

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Tantalisingly close to finishing but I'm too hot and tired to continue. Masking off the screen and spraying is the last big job. Then it's just lots of tidying up and finishing edges etc.

Monitor was a nightmare to fix in, getting the angle right and setting it just right. Ended up lifting it another inch but I'm happy with where it is now.

I have the marquee fitted and just need to edge it to prevent light bleed. Got Friday off work so one way or another it's getting finished this week.


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Sprayed the acrylic today, came out pretty good. Picked up some trim to add to the screen and marquee edges, and I now appreciate the benefit of a back door to keep the ambient light out, so I'll need to add one later in the week. It's playable now at least.

Controls need reconfiguring since I reworked the CP from my test last week. I'm too tired to do that now though. The end is in sight!



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Wow, Very Impressive and Very Good Looking, Want to Build my Own Standing Arcade Like What you Built, Using A Top Down Arcade/ Cocktail Arcade machine (don't Know Exact Name, Just Google "top down arcade machine" if you don't understand me). Keep Up the Good Work !!!!!  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :turned:  :turned:

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Finally finished on Friday afternoon. Just a few bits of trim and wiring to do. Quite a success in the end, learned a lot and made a few mistakes along the way, but overall a worthwhile project.

Got enough bits left to make a single player bartop. Probably a 4-way vertical for the classics.


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