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  1. Currently having trouble with this. I'm trying to creating a theme where there are no videos available, so want to use .pngs instead. I created my theme and I put the .pngs in the themes video folder. For whatever reason the .pngs do not show up! I just get the default Emumovies missing video! Any ideas?
  2. When I eventually get round to a cabinet build I will try to have easy access to my control panel like in this video. Although I think I will use "easy mount hinges" instead of cupboard door hinges. They have a stronger spring so the control panel wont lift up when people get excited whilst playing! Maybe put some magnets on either side just to hold it down better! Hinges: http://www.screwfix.com/p/easy-mount-hinges-90-105mm-2-pack/38662?kpid=38662&cm_mmc=Google-_-Product Listing Ads-_-Sales Tracking-_-sales tracking url&gclid=CjwKEAjwrIa9BRD5_dvqqazMrFESJACdv27GdDikCjmN5vLHMQQlt2uJabORQT-iMoTcLnK6vlkz7xoCpjXw_wcB
  3. Nintendo 64 Pointer(s) View File Pointer(s) for the Nintendo 64 Submitter Retro Goonie Submitted 01/26/2017 Category Pointers HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  4. Sega Mega Drive Japan Pointer(s) View File Sega Mega Drive Japan Pointer(s) Submitter Retro Goonie Submitted 01/21/2017 Category Pointers HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  5. I also find the new site slower than the old one.
  6. Lol...I was thinking of just the intro video! Doing all the game videos would be a massive task! Maybe one day I've tried using the green overlay but it's not quite the same. If I ever get on top of all my other projects I might take on the task myself one day!
  7. In HyperHQ there is an option to adjust trackball sensitivity. On the main tabs across the top row...Select the tab labeled "controls". The select the tab "Trackball". Hopefully that helps!
  8. The GameBoy intro video is in black and white but in RetroArch I use the GameBoy shader (green and black) so would love to see a new intro for the GameBoy using that shader!
  9. Lol...to a degree. All the poker, Mahjong, gambling games were easy deletes! It was a long process but enjoyable playing and finding new games I had never played before. Trying to go as fast as possible I would sometimes try a game, get hooked and end up playing it for 1-2 hours! The funny thing was that I had already gone through MAME and trimmed down my list long before I discovered HyperSpin.
  10. It's a very long way to go about it but the way I did it was to try/play/test every single game! If I didn't like a game, it got deleted. If I liked a game I would also try it's clones to see if they were also worth keeping! Example: Bubble bobble (bublbobl) and its clone "Bubble Bobble Lost Cave (bublcave)" Then use 'Don's HyperSpin Tools' to generate an xml from your leftover roms. I got my MAME games down from 10,000+ to just 1424!
  11. Great work DR! Really appreciate all the hard work!
  12. Looking really good mate! Most people seem to screw into wooden batons, hopefully those cabinet connectors will hold up. Would you mind sharing the name of the company you used to print your control panel?
  13. Have you seen these? http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/10256-sega-32x-2d-pal-box-pack-jimmyuk86/
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