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Advice on controller board build/led rgb buttons/layout design


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Hi guys,


I am a very hands on, mechanicaly/electronically inclined person, but when it comes to design/artsey type stuff I am left in the dust.  lol.


I pretty much have the software side of Hyperspin done.  Emulators working, ROM sets completed for the most part, consoles setup, media and artwork pretty much done, etc.  Just some little tweaks here and there to finish up.  Thanks to everyone who helped me out!!!  Very much appreciated!!


Now I want to build my joystick control board.  Probably a little backword since I am not sure what I am doing for the rest of the machine.  Probably custom build a stand with a wall mounted 40+ screen and marquee above it. 


So, on to my questions:


1.  Is there a resource for DIY control board layouts?  IE: buttom position, spacing, etc.?


2.  I want to use RGB led buttons that will correspond to each game so you know which buttons are active.  Is this possible with LEDBlinky and an LED control board (or alternative)?


3. What is a good USA source for RGB controls and arcade controls in general?


I am thinking I will want 2 joysticks, 1 rollerball, 1 spinner, player 1 & 2 buttons, 6 buttons per player and probably 2 or 3 "hidden" admin buttons such as exit, reset, etc.


I was thinking I would build a half arcade machine.  What I mean is think of a traditional arcade game with the top screen part cut off and my custom control panel mounted to it at an angle.  The controls would be the same height as the original controls and would have a working coin door.  Then I would mount a 40+ lcd screen to the wall and put a marquee above that.  Hope that make sense.  lol.


So, what I am looking to do now is design and build a custom control panel with RGB LED controls that will light up to denote which buttons/controllers are in use for a particular game.


I can handle all the wiring, soldering, building of the control board and configuration.  I just need some help with sourcing quality parts, board layout design and which components would be best to make the RGB LEDs function.


Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!! 



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This might help on button spacing. 




In my case, I got a sheet of cheap 1/4" plywood and have been making mockups to find what I liked.



here are some different suppliers, though I bought my buttons on amazon







Also... instead of adding physical admin buttons... you can simulate them with multiple button presses.  Such as on my set up, If I hold player 1 coin, fire 1, and fire 2, it is mapped in JoytoKey as "f1" which I believe functions as a maintenance switch.

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1. the link posted by Snakerake is a great resource,  here is another site dedicated to building the arcade controllers



2. that's the purpose of LED Blinky,

their are multiple hardware options, LEDwiz, PacLED, Howler,  and a few DIY kits with micro-controllers.


3. their are to many to list,

I have my eyes on this LED buttons


the RGB lights are price but they look very bright



an arcade without the monitor part is called a Pedestal Arcade

I'm not sure if you want an actual Pedestal Arcade




or a stand where you can place/remove  a custom controller  

similar to this


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Thanks for the info and links!!  Yes, that is exactly what I am talking about; a pedastal arcade!!


I can google, but do you know of any good resources for DIY plans for pedastal arcades?  EDIT:  Nevermind.  lol.  Great links!  Thanks!



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