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Cabs and Input Lag


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Hey guys....serious question here. So I have seen quite a few people here over the years that have made cabs using LCD screens. So.....how are you guys dealing with the input lag when playing? 
I've been playing my cab for three years now,  and can definitely notice it and it sucks. CRT is not an option for me, as my cab is designed for 16:9 Screens. I thought about Gsync, but the largest widescreen my cab will take is 21.5 and I can't find a Gsync or Freesync monitor that small. Not to mention I'd have to upgrade the video card too. So I'm stuck in between a rock and a hard place that's ruining my experience.
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How badly rated is your screen for input lag? If it's a TV I can see that, but aren't most monitors pretty low even if they arent gaming monitors?

To avoid the problem I put a 27" BenQ high speed gaming monitor in mine. 144hz, 1080p, Freesync, lowest input lag I could find (completely unnoticeaqble at about 1 frame) and only a 1ms response time. Monitor itself was about $500. I suppose that's more than some people spend on their entire cab, but I say if you're going to do it do it right. Why half-ass it?


I'm pretty sure they also make a 24", but that may still be to big for yours.

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Yea it is too big. I have a 21.3 inch 4:3 NEC monitor that has a beautiful pic. The response time is 16 Ms, but input response I haven't  a clue. The seller on amazon said he played emulators on it and had no noticeable lag, so for 60 bucks I took it. 

Honestly I would have no problem shelling out 500 for 0 input lag, but once you factor in the compatible video card needed you can be up to almost 1000 dollars just to have Mario  jump the second you push a button.



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