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Cabinet Build


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Acquired this beauty today for $130. Included the joysticks, buttons and the ipaq controller.

Anyone have any idea what game cabinet this is? It is definitely and old arcade cabinet of some sort.

Will be looking for a coin door because I don't want the gaping hole in the front.

The only thing I am not crazy about are the 2 big round holes the previous owner cut in the sides. I need to figure out what I am going to do with those.





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Things still moving along.

Got my PC built and mounted.

Replaced all the T-molding.

Added a coin door with working coin mechs.

Waiting on new buttons (the ones that came with the cab are all micro-switch. Too noisy. Replacing with gold leaf buttons. ) 8-way joysticks and i-Pac Ultimate I/O board. All this should arrive within the next couple days.

Still deciding on a monitor to install.

Wish I knew what game this cabinet used to be. I don't ever recall seeing this cabinet before.





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Anyone have any idea what game cabinet this is?

My first thought was a Pole Position that has had some serious modifications to it. The giveaway is usually the sides. Check this out:


Obviously this doesn't account for every game but it's a start.

Either way, awesome find and good luck with this build!

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I can't tell how big the holes in the side are but maybe you could mount speakers... or if you think that would be overkill, you could probably get some speaker grill covers to put in there. Those with some LED lights might be nice looking! Plus I am sure they help to keep air flow through the cabinet.

Just my two cents.

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I did order some speaker grilles. The holes are approx 10". Got those today but have not put them in yet. I was thinking about mounting some fans with LED lights in them for cooling behind the grilles.

Although I do like the idea of some plexiglass with a graphic. I will see how the first option looks. At least they were only $12 for both so if I change my mind it's not a major loss.

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