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  2. Retroarch automatically detects Xbox 360 controllers when they are turned on. This would fix your problem at least for N64 and PSX For Dreamcast and PS2, I'd probably just map the controls in the emulator and call it a day. Not sure if this helps.
  3. I love it! Cocktails are easily the best way to play arcade games in the home. I play my Red Tent more than any other game so I think this is a great set up with the dual monitors. Welcome to the site! What sort of pc do you have in there?
  4. Hey guys! [For those of you in the art department here, I promise I'll be back helping you guys when my life gets less busy. At the moment, I'm working a full time job and trying to open a business here in Indianapolis. It's a really exciting time for me, but sadly, some things in my life had to give. Hyperspin being one of them. It's cool, we've got wheel making machines like JayC and Damned just to name a couple being monsters on content at the moment. Keep up the amazing work guys! It's dudes like you that makes this all possible!] Anyway, I'm opening an arcade bar here in Indianapolis called Tappers and I thought I'd ask the Hyperspin experts out there for some help on a project for my bar! Arcade dudes hardly ever know much about video gaming as a whole. I figured this would be a much better place to ask. Here's the setup: We're going to have a projection system beaming video above our bar. I've come up with an idea to build a pedestal / table that can house consoles, a PC and controls for people to play. I'd also like to make this table fairly mobile so I can put an arcade game in it's place instead. The control panels will be modular so we can swap in whatever we want, including just running console controllers straight out of the top. Here's an event we ran at a local brewery last year. We had MK2 on that projector and people loved it! For many people, it's more fun to watch 2 players that know all the moves play each other rather than play themselves. People were cheering, it was awesome! At another event, we managed to put together a 10 player Bomberman on Sega Saturn. Very very cool: My buddy Aaron is a regular haunt over at Racketboy and one of his friends over there did him a huge solid and donated like 8 controllers or some shit so we could do this. So awesome! Also, we just nabbed the japanese version of the game and worked the menus for people to save money. The console thing seems to work great, but I've convinced myself that it needs to be special. I see console gaming at other video game places and conventions, but whenever it's just Mario or something, I always think, "meh, I can do that at home." I'd like to avoid that feeling and really make each game selection feel hand picked. Obviously, a dedicated, original arcade game is by default something that most people can't do at home, so that always works, but the addition of a removable table could make the space much more versatile. I also know some people who can speed run different games, so I'll get them in to show their skills every now and then. I've already got the build design figured out. I've been thinking of just modifying the design for Golden Tee pedestals. I know of some people locally with CNC machines that already make pedestals exactly like that so I'm sure they could just make it wider to suit up to 4-10 players. We'll cut in 4 rectangles to change around the controls and just make different panels for the different game controller requirements. We want to keep the players standing so it naturally encourages people rotating and not hogging games. For now, I'd like to come up with a list of games that would fit this concept. I'm going with the idea of having games that most people wouldn't feasibly have set up in their house, so I've dubbed it, the "You can't do that at home" Table. (the name doesn't matter haha) Ok, so here's where I'd like input: Besides arcade games, what are some games that most people wouldn't have set up at home? Here's are some of my ideas: Mario Kart 64 with 4 steering wheels (who has 4 n64 steering wheels amiright?) Mario Kart 8 with steering wheels would also be cool 10 Player Saturn Bomberman 6 Player Guardian Heroes for Saturn Rock Band with all the instruments (honestly, my least favorite idea so far 'cause most people also suck at singing. including myself haha. I saw this being done in Portland and one girl sang for like an hour but was just awful haha) 8 Player Smash Bros. for Wii U with gamecube controllers - people have this, but I'd think it's fair to say that MOST people don't Just about any fighting game 'cause arcade controllers Just about any Light Gun game 'cause projector Steel Battalion I should also note that we're already planning on making a 2 player Sega Genesis arcade for a number of reasons: A) We have a spare Zaxxon cabinet which is a Sega title. That system has so many quality arcade titles C) Streets of Rage 2 D) Streets of Rage 3 E) Gunstar Heroes F) Genesis Model 1 to Jamma is a really easy mod and I just so happen to have one lying around so no Genny titles for this list What are some other console games that would fit this list? Quick games, multiplayer, unique controllers, insanely crazy peripherals. Whatcha got?
  5. That looks similar to a Midway or Konami style cabinet from the 90s. Both are similar in style and are the 'authentic' version of what you are looking at. Examples of games you would have found in a Midway style like that: Mortal Kombat - MK4, Killer Instinct 1 & 2, NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, Skins Game Examples of games in the Konami version: Simpsons, X-Men 4 player, TMNT, TMNT: Turtles in Time Anyway, this site has plans for Mortal Kombat and Ninja Turtles so either of those would be very close (and more like a real arcade game) http://jakobud.com/plan-list.php
  6. These are great! If you are only using two, I highly recommend them, the tactile feeling on these are amazing. That being said, Anpanman's suggestion is a good route as well that will save you some change.
  7. There is a toilet arcade game haha. I present to you, the Toy-Let by Sega:
  8. I hate it when people gut original games. Only when they are past the point of restoration should you even consider it. Even then, you should part out everything that could be used to arcade collectors.
  9. Oh haha, sorry, I meant a muuuuch older version. Fantasy Anime recommends version 0.115: http://fantasyanime.com/emulators I doubt the rom changed, it's probably mame that changed. Mame is constantly updating so I imagine it's difficult to make sure everything still works.
  10. Which Rampage? World Tour or the older one? I think it's best to have an older copy of MAME around incase you run into issues, you can try out problematic games with a different version. The nightly builds of Retroarch have a core for an older mame setup, which is what I've been using. In Rocket Launcher it's really easy to manage the exceptions. (use this same process to add Daphne and Model 2 to my arcade games wheel. still need to do this for other arcade systems just haven't gotten to it)
  11. I think this is a great idea, though I also understand why the official lists are the way they are. Emulation can change so quickly, it'd be hard for dat makers to keep up I imagine. What I would love to see is lists of systems with a recommended emulator and the general settings you would use. Then, a list of problematic games with each setup and the best work around. People could help by adding different solutions for each game, then compare and figure out which one is best. You could have a status system similar to mame. Works Perfectly, Works with Flaws, Doesn't Work or something to that tune. This would also be great for noobs who aren't sure which emulators to use per system and what settings to use. You could go more in depth with things like scanlines and whatnot as well (though not everyone will agree, you could at least provide a starting point). Just start a google sheet or something similar for each system. Have people spit out lists of tested + working and update the top post with all the links once a week or something. I'd be happy to help test games!
  12. Sweet! This is great news!
  13. You sound just like my ex. She gave me a bunch of crap about drinking too much or something like that, I dunno, I was too drunk to pay attention.
  14. Love the idea! I will definitely work for beers! However this is what I get: "You do not have permission to use this setting." Wheel dudes don't get beers?
  15. Agreed. Also, think about it. Since Rocket Launcher is an external launcher, Hyperspin would not have any control. Reverting back to 2 let's HS move forward without relying on an external program to function. This is not only easier for new users to setup, but could lead to interesting developments in the future. Since you can still use Rocket Launcher externally, you don't have to switch!
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