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Recognize this cab??


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The more interesting question is what animal is that the stuffed head of???

Antelope maybe??

i know i have the game on HS, ill do a search for it here in a bit

Thank you!

Also, one thing I just noticed..... are those ice cream cones on the control panel??

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Ok, so I picked up the cab for $100. It was actually a working Tekken cab. Though the old crt monitor was about shot. I already removed that and put a 21" LCD in it. Just waiting on my Jamma to VGA converter board to arrive. Still debating if I should just refurb it and leave it as a dedicated Tekken cab or turn it into a Hyperspin machine. As far as looks, I think I'm going to do a fusion of these 2 cabs.



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Ok, so I think I decided on a theme. I'm going to try to make a "Ghost Rider" themed cab. I know it has nothing to do with arcade games, but I think it will look bad ass!

Here is what I've come up with so far for the control panel. The reason the joystick placements are offset is because the the shape of the Xenophobe CP. I am having to angle the 1 and 2 player layouts. Player 1 is angled down while player 2 is angled up.


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