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How to speed up my...

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i want to speed up my Arcade Cabin. Some games like Great Giana Sisters (Amiga) and a lot of
PS2 Games are to slow. It isn´t funny to play. So this is the reason i want to tune my machine.

The cabin containes:
Motherboard H81I-Plus
Intel Pentium CPU G3260
Ram 4 GB
Windows 7 64bit
NVIDIA Geforce GT710

What is the cheapest way to tune my cabin?

Thx a lot for your answers

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A SSD will help a lot!

Double the memory if you can.

Sometimes a new computer will be in order.

I used a old emachine that supported up too 8gigs of memory. And dropped a SSD and a and r7 video card in it. and so far it runs just about everything smooth. Although I have not used it for PS2 emulation yet. But dolphin works fine running GameCube/wii games. And I run street fighter 4 off steam on it on medium graphic setting's. 

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Double your memory to 8GB, change your CPU to an Intel i7 if you can afford it,  as that will make a huge difference but will also mean reinstalling Windows 7 and should  easily overclock  to 4.5ghz with a decent air cooler or even a water cooling kit if you want to push it further



Your GFX card seems to be a major bottleneck as well


It looks like you can still buy the GTX460, plus they are the updated models. Mines ancient so should be better still. It uses GDDR5 memory where your card uses DDR3, so that's a bottleneck straight away


I also overclock my i7 4700k CPU to 4.5Ghz from stock 4.0Ghz with an Nvidia GTX460 and water cooler kit. Its an old system now but runs everything and is very quick when doing video encoding using HCEnc. This is my desktop though I'm using while I build up the full HyperSpin system I'm intending to use on my updated bartop and use to test everything before installing it in the bartop cabinet


My initial cabinet started off with a Raspberry Pi3 but just wasn't powerful enough for running everything and didn't support FuturePinball or VisualPinball at all, so my intention is to upgrade the internals to use an Intel i5 4460 I have gathering dust for the basis of a full blown cabinet running Windows 10 and 8GB. What GFX card I'm not sure yet but will be an NVidia and will still use the RPI3 as a media player/KODI for the main house flatscreen


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On 7/6/2017 at 10:59 AM, LarryLaffer75 said:

What Graphic Card do you mean exatly? Gigaforce GeForce 750i?


basically on nvidia cards the first number is the series and the second is the model in the range, so the higher the better on both.

aim for at least a 50 card or better on any series (4-10)  

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