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Consoles using MAME to emulate not working

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I installed a bunch of new consoles on my HS last weekend (using Shield TV PRO).  Most worked without any issues but I'm having problems  with getting a few of them to run....Astrocade, Adventurevision, and Atari 5200. All of these systems I've set up using MAME to emulate, via the Working Systems list posted in this form.

I have MAME working fine on my HS setup, but these classic consoles using the MAME emulator to run aren't palying anything. I must have it set up wrong but I don't know what I'm doing. Possibly a BIOS issue? I never added any for these consoles but I didn't see any mention anywhere of having to use a BIOS either.   Here are my settings for the 5200 but the Astrocade + Adventurevision settings look the same:

path=H:\hyperspin\emulators\Atari 5200\
rompath=Emulators/Atari 5200/roms/


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Check the start and end of this thread

There is a Atari5200 guide I done floating about.

Basically theres 2 options- 

1. Use software list roms from mame sets that are zipped shortnames. Setup bios files, roms and hash folder for retroarch as per the guide I mentioned

Then rename all artwork. Some artwork sets are done under my name on emumovies ftp.

Then use an xml from Phulshoffs set in the official mame database thread

2. Use my CMD file method to launch games in there standard format like .a52 or .bin for Atari 5200. Need to setup a a5200.ini file for retroarch mame

No need to rename anything and can use standard xml.

Draw back is for some sustems you will need to pass different commands in the .cmd file for cart or something else. Details in the end of that thread I posted

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