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I'm so close! Need some help finding artwork to put together.

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TLDR: Looking to find some original arcade art sources for X-men, TNMNT, The Simpsons (4 player titles) (Games I played non-stop in the arcade)

Ok guys and girls, so I've been away for awhile but I've recently had some freelance work aside from my normal job. What does this mean? I'm finally in a financial position to spend some cash towards a proper cabinet.

I'm terrible at wood work and have little to no tools, so I was thinking of going with a kit.

This is the kit I was looking at:


I'm great at graphics etc. (freelance work) but need some help finding High resolution art work to splice together for the cab, any ideas or go-to websites? I've googled a bit, and found a few, but I figured I would ask the experts.


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Also to add, I want to add a 4 coin door... I think this is possible for each player in a MAME, is this a possibility? (I'm a newbie here)

One in which actually functions...

I have a small human, and want  the MAME to only function like a legit 4 player arcade. (minus the times I play heavily for testing purposes of course)

I'm not heartless... the money pumped in will be earned through chores or by me, and all of it will go to his bank account for college. I'm thinking it's like a really elaborate coin bank / savings account.

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I'll let you use mine for the low, low price of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!

It contains artwork representing 110 classic games. However the X-Men, TMNT and the Simpsons aren't any of them. 

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