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Display controls for games - marquee?


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I’m wondering what elegant solutions people have come up with to display the controls for games (what button does what action)...

i’m thinking of using the marquee as the place to put a custom image.  i have a pedastal setup, so instead of a wide marquee above i could put it in the center of the pedastal by the player start/coin buttons.  

does such a set exist?



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Have you checked out HyperMarquee app?

(not mine) I'd like to do something similar...just need to find the time...and waiting (hopefully) there will be some marquee size monitors coming out that aren;t $$$$.

I believe HyperPause does something like display controls, but could be wrong, never really tried it out.  Someone else may know more...



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Marquee-sized monitors are still way too expensive for mainstream ($500-$800).  But forgetting about using an oddball screen size monitor and focusing on the mechanics of displaying the controls, there are really only 2 options that work in real time - CP Wizard or CP WizBiz.  I consider myself a real nerd and I BATTLED trying to get these programs to do exactly what I wanted.

But in the end, I ended up creating my CP in Photoshop (basically already had it from doing the artwork), created layers for every button and every text, then manually created images that display at launch until the user presses a button (via a user library routine in RocketLauncher).  Then artwork, custom fonts, pretty graphics, etc, were no longer an issue.  This worked fine for a library of 300 games, working on 10-20 of these a night while building the cab, but I realize this is totally impractical for a cab with thousands of games.

Typical 2P Mame Game Template copy.jpg

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