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Hyperspin Gigapig Setup


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Hey DarkRiverCoke,

There are a couple of builds and the big one is 61 systems all configured with rocketlauncher and emus afaik.

Just need to add more artwork and games to it yourself. I dont have it myself but theres only good comments in that thread and Gigapig is usually around to help people oit with it if needed.

Hopefully a Build user will drop some better feedback in here for you.


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the build consists of

Hyperspin 1.4 + Rocketlauncher

61 systems have been added

here is a full list of systems added


you can do this yourself by going into HyperHQ and adding each system yourself.

emulators for each system have been added, and have been configured in Rocketlauncher


you will have to add your own bios and roms. and more importantly

You need to add all your Hyperspin Media and Emumovies videos.


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