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Hyperspin/Rocketlauncher - adding emulators? Adding also some project images (full size own mod)

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I used spawks tutorial but for some reason cant get it to work.

im using 5.9 JoyToKey.

Rocketlauncher also looks a little different, using latest version.

Problem is I think on the phases 5-9 on spawks tutorial:

When i choose default it adds ”default” profile, not the HyperSpin profile i made to JoyToKey.

After i tried with default HyperSpin didnt listen to KB either ?. Deleted JoyTOKey process ftom taskmanager and worked again?

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Hi, yeah that tutorial was written a while ago now. I don't have direct access to it so it cannot be easily edited but everything should be mainly the same.

Which program has "focus" is probably your issue here, JTK does not block the kb from working in any way... Only 2 profiles are to be in JTK itself, all others should be created inside RLUI.

One of the things I stopped doing is loading JTK from within HQ (can cause a few issues). Start it in your windows startup folder instead! I have some pics in this thread:


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