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Power Button Wiring


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Hi Guys,

Just want to make sure I understand wiring the power button to my button/motherboard...

I plan to use an HDE Power Switch connector (image attached) and a microswitch button.


If I understand correctly, all I need to do is:

1. Cut off the end of the wire

2. Separate the red/black wires

3. Crimp the red / black wires

4. Connect black to microswitch ground

5. Connect the red to NO (normally open) on the microswitch

6. Connect the HDE Switch end to my mobo

Do I need to splice the power switch ground into my control panel daisychain or is it grounded via my motherboard?



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I did the same thing you are doing. Just have one end plugged into your mobo, and the other end hooked up to your button. There's no need to connect it to your control panel ground.

Oh, and I placed the button on the top of the cabinet towards the back on the side. I simply reach on top and push it. Completely hidden.

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