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Mame romset question


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1 hour ago, thcdgaf said:

mame has romsets in it like neo geo mvs,sega st-v,cps1,2,3 etc.

Those are all arcade sets.

All full mame romsets are arcade only afaik...software list sets are the non arcade sets. The bios sets include both I think.

3 hours ago, thcdgaf said:


Which mame romsets are arcade only?

Can you explain the question a little more ;)

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On 9/5/2018 at 2:58 AM, uptown47 said:

I thought all MAME was arcade? Are there other systems mixed in too?

As long as you have an 'arcade only' mame.xml you should only see the arcade roms anyway as long as you have 'roms only' ticked in HyperHQ..... or am I missing the point again?

delete this

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This is what your lookong for


Phulshof has stopped doing the sets now but his code should be availiable to do it yourself if you know coding (which i know you do)

This thread has all the details

And this recent explaination from him should help your question and understanding of the filtered xml's he provides.


Yes, mame.xml contains all working arcade games, including fruit, casino, mahjong, etc. mame_full.xml is the only file that contains non-working games, so the filtered lists only contain working games that match the filter.

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