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  1. That's great SupraKarma. Thanks. Probably should have sussed that one myself but appreciate the help none-the-less ** Edit ** for anyone finding this topic with the same question the setting is called "Alpha" and it is in the Wheel tab (after selecting the specific wheel you want it to apply to). It's a horizontal slider on that tab and you drag the slider all the way to the left - down to '0'.
  2. Hi all, When I select Future Pinball is it possible to hide the wheel as the game theme displays. And then show the wheel again as you scroll up or down. So you would scroll to a game on the wheel, let go and the wheel would disappear as the theme shows? Is that possible does anyone know? Thanks
  3. Strange that it's only on certain tables. Maybe worth posting which tables it is and then you can compare if speedracer50 has the same problem on the same tables?
  4. Ahhh.. I didn't realise this. I think, because I've never used MAME for anything other than arcade games I just had it in my head that was all it could do. Thanks for the info and good luck with the search.
  5. ** Deleted daft response **
  6. I don't know the answer to the issue but something you could try is running HS as an administrator. You should be able to right-click the exe and then change the properties to always run it as an administrator. I've no idea if that will work but running stuff as an administrator has sorted things out for me before. Is it only when you run Visual Pinball it's an issue or is it on other systems too?
  7. If it's only a few files that need converting sometimes it's easier just searching the net and downloading the same snaps again in .flv format rather than messing around converting them.
  8. That's great griffin. Will fire it up and have a dig about. Thanks again for all your help mate
  9. I'll have a look at RL. Would be interested to know what you mean about a control panel mock-up on each game's fade screen (not sure what the 'fade' screen is and not sure what you mean by Control Panel - I'm assuming you're talking about showing the button assignment??). More info on this would be great. Thanks Griffin
  10. Hi all, I had started creating some instructions for each game I have but, whilst tinkering with Rocketlauncher and Hyperspin I've seen reference to "Instruction Cards" which would be *exactly* what I would like? So, my question is, how do I set them up (i.e. where to get them, what folder to put them in and how to access them from Hyperspin - if it's possible?)?? Anyone any ideas on this? Do people use them or was it just an abandoned part of the software? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  11. ** EDIT I think I can do this through Hypermint but how do I actually access the favourites wheel from Hyperspin? Is it a key press? Thanks ** Hi all, I've read people talking about having a favourites section? I would really like to have all the MAME games under my Arcade section but have some way of isolating my favourite games from within them so I'm not having to cycle through loads of games to get to the ones I'd like to play most often? Is this possible (and straight forward to do) ?? Thanks for any help/pointers you can give me.
  12. ** EDIT TO MY EARLIER POST BELOW ** ** I've sorted the issue - with Ghouls and Ghosts I needed to use snes9x_libretro as my core - the music is awesome in this game now - what a massive difference!!! Thanks!!! ** Firstly, a big thanks for everyones contributions here. The instructions worked very well except when I play a game (Super Ghouls and Ghosts) I just get the original music and not the patched music? I've looked on YouTube to hear what the patched music should sound like (awesome with real drum effects etc) and I've compared it to the original SNES music and mine is just playing the SNES music? Any ideas?? Is there another setting I need? I'm launching my game from Rocketlauncher just for testing purposes. Thanks for any help you can give me
  13. Just downloaded these and they're awesome!! Thank you for all your hard work putting this lot together. It's very much appreciated. If you're looking for suggestions for the next version then I would love a Galaxian cover - it was a great game on the Speccy and I think it played better than the arcade version personally.
  14. This is great work!! I've just got myself a couple of AimTrak guns and wanted a separate section for them and then stumbled upon this thread. A massive thank you to everyone involved in creating all this. Superb!!
  15. Hi thatman, Bungles. Thanks for the replies. It's not a biggy. I'll just copy the necessary media into the folder. There's not going to be *that* many gun games anyway. It was just that, as I've managed to suss out how to have multiple emulators in one wheel, I was going to set up a "Favourites" wheel and a few other things. However, I'll just copy the media and do it that way. I appreciate you getting back to me and I'll have a look at "symlinks" as I've not heard of those. Thanks again
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