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Street fighter 3rd strike Cabinet (artworks I'm preparing)


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I'm making artworks for a friend of mine, The thing is a restored 90s italian arcade cabinet (professional are doing the woodwork :p)

Just want to heard some opinions on the design itself, the 3d model still need some tweakings,textures are not 100% lined up and the side art composition is still WIP. :)

EDIT: here's the photo of the real thing :)















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On 10/1/2018 at 4:18 AM, dark13 said:

90s italian arcade cabinet

Can you tell me what cabinet is it? If you have a plan of this one, that will be perfect!!! :p

I would build my own borne :)

The artwork is really nice too^^

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The cabinet is a beast, the guys who brought it at 8th floor told us it should be around 100kg... it is made with chipboard and has an LCD monitor O.o Button's layout is not that great, it is really good only if you like 4 button's neo geo layout but the control panel surface is made of metal so changing it to the classic capcom layout would mean lots of work and soldering.

Graphics were made at 300DPI, basically the same quality of vector graphics. No blur, no pixellation at close distance. Files are a nightmare: 2mt*1mt at 300DPI =  22000*11000 pixels, every time you open one of them photoshop write something like 15gb of cache on the hard disk ?

Some nevada magnum have a shorter control panel but it does not look so good


In the 80's arcade cabinets were smaller, this is a "montanari", there is a small and a big version. Honestly it looks better (especially when you apply some cool graphics to the side)  but it is a bit too small for a cabinet oriented to pvp fighting games.


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