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Graphics for new design Arcade Cabinet?


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Hey guys,

I just finished making these new 40" cabinets, really happy with how they turned out!

What do you think?

Custom 4TB HS system with Aimtracks (thanks to about 1000hrs of youtube videos) (hyperpie in the pics, but that's no more)

Im a bit stuck though with graphics etc... at the very least I need some artwork for the control board to label buttons etc.

ive seen so many designs, but want ours to be a little different, but not over the top, I  don't want to take too much away from that amazing gloss black finish :)

Im not very arty im afraid, so I could really use some help or ideas or thoughts from you graphics guys with this.








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Very slick. Also a fan of the indent, might steal that idea when I put mine together.

As far as the control panel art I would suggest going something simple to complement the slick modern look.

The tron look could work well with the gloss black if you got it right, especially with the light up buttons - it doesn't take a huge amount of artistic skill to put together it's mostly getting the geometry and colours right. Also it works well to tie in the retro to modern theme.


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