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Arcade and pinball table in one


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Hi all I am currently trying something new with a pinball table build and need some advice ,help with the software.The pinball table changes from pinball to arcade setup in one cabinet it will be eventually powered to work at press of a button.What I need to know is there a way at the press off a button to switch from hyperpin to hyperspin and vise versa.excuse the build at moment as made with old TVs and old bits to keep cists down and is a project for me and my son.any help would be great.IMG_20190504_121509.jpg.7bc8459bac992779c4f032cf293c90ca.jpgIMG_20190504_121215.jpg.2536c5df58ec2d0d5c2ef21acbe98372.jpg


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1 hour ago, stegra said:

thank you I will have a look

No worries. He's gone pretty full on with his Pinball table, you might not want to do everything he's done BUT he does show Mame and other games running on the vertical panel.

He uses borders to hide the black bars at the top and bottom, usually we'd have borders for the sides on wide-screen 16:9 panels showing 4:3 content.... 


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