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After Lurking for ever...... Here is my Cab so far! PIC heavy


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First of all Hello! I have been Lurking the forums for just shy of a year know all why downloading, getting the Hyperspin ready. Well I had FINALLY hit a point were it NEEDED to be in a cabinet! So the week of Memorial Day, I took vacation and was determined to get a cabinet built!

After locating a cabinet on craiglist and a hour drive later at 9pm, I made it home with a decent cabinet!

My 70.00 start


I got it with a jamma USB-PC board, 2 joysticks, bunch of buttons, orginal glass that goes over the monitor and change door!

So that next morning, it was ON!

I started by figuring out how i was going to mount the Dell monitor. This was the answer!



Monitor framed in


This also show a LITTLE later in the week after the speaker and subs were mounted in.


I wanted to make sure i had a Marquee that was lighted! So I went to autozone and found some trailer light that had spade type bulbs. I striped the light holder out and wirsed them up, used LED bulbs i had on hand that i use in my car.



You can also see in the above pictures that i have the computer on/off on the top of the cabinet. Also how the speakers are mounted. I also made sure to add the pinball buttons on each side!

So after all the rough-in was completed, i started stripping the entire cab. The last people who owned it just painted over the original paint and it looked like CRAP!



You notice the notch in the back bottom, that area was so chewed up, i just took it out. Also added some wheels



I than went to work on the button layout. and this was kinda rough to figure out, but i got it!




Time to get my paint on! And with some help from a friend at the paint store. Paint was free ninety free!




She needed some sun!


NEW buttons to match! And a Quarter for who is NEXT!


When i saw pictures of other peoples wiring... i was afraid! But once i got into it.. its not to to bad!



AND here she is with the new t-molding on and inside! You can see i was also able to wire up the coin door lights to the computer power supply as well! Altho in this picture one bulb was toast!


Im working on getting all the emulators programmed to the USB board. Than i want to add the jukebox! Than set it up to auto load HS on startup!

I cant tho figure out how to make the joytokey load up with my profiles on startup... but it will come!

Sorry for such a long post but here is where iam at with mine! I need a marquee, side art, control art and maybe some kick panel art... :)

Here is what im at cost wise (approx)

Cabinet 70.00

New Buttons 25.00

T-Molding 12.00

Monitor I had on hand

Computer I had on hand

Misc Hardware 40.00

New light bulb for coin door 5.00 (2pk)

Marquee Lighting 20.00

Paint 8.00 (i had to buy rollers, roller handle and a pan)

Wheels 6.00

Belt Sander 30.00 (made life MUCH easier than my palm sander)

12 pack of beer 13.99 :)

Grand Total so far = 229.99 for a playable nice looking cabinet! Im extremely happy so far and EXCITED!

I have figured about another 150.00 for all the art...?

229.99 + 150.00 = ~379.99. im ok with that!

So what you guys think?

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