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Adding FinalBurnNeo to Android HS


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So looking at the file structure , do I just create a folder in the database folder called Final Burn Neo, and add a FBN .xml file? Do I need to add neogeo bios also in this folder?

going through all the other systems and seeing it’s just an .xml to add the system correctly. The. Obviously adding media/theme etc. Newest version of RA plus is FBN and not FBA , just making sure FBN can be added to android HS and where the bios goes.


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1st tip is to match folder & file names throughout

example based on FBNeo

you need

database file in its folder.


settings file


The system needs adding to your main menu

Databases/Main Menu/Main Menu.xml OR Main Menu_Android.xml

you will then need all the media images for it to be visible.

Media/FBNeo etc

Media/FBNeo/Wheel and Theme as a minimum


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