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The Downloads section is back and better than ever! If you spot something out of place, let us know.

First build finished... Integrated arcade panel.


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"ok let's just play street fighter 2"


LOL. That is kinda what I expect to happen with mine as well. I also have the Hyperspin Project plus a few little extras and I have watched people playing these even with a thousand games and so many just end up playing PacMan. :)

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How long did it take to put together?

Longer than it should've... since I basically ended up building it in my room with a dremel and a jigsaw, it was a mess. The problem was that I had just graduated school and I was initially using the school's workshop but they sort of kicked me out when they noticed I had already graduated lol.

In the end I expected it to build it in less than a month and ended up taking around 5 months. A lot of problems were sort of first timer mistakes, such as finding the right tools, or even getting the vinyl of the top properly printed.

I should also add that those 5 months included the wiring and configuring... I had never configured a frontend so complex as hyperspin so that was really frustrating when I did it, getting autohotkey to work properly and all that stuff.

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Hi dude great idea! Just wondering how does the inboard graphics cope with the games e.g. How would it cope with Nintendo 64 or GameCube?


Nintendo 64 is handled fine, the problem was the emulation in general was glitchy with some games. I never tried gamecube since it would be a pain to control with that layout...

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well a lot has changed on the hyperspin front

and hardware has changed as well cheaper SSD

better onboard stuff and the move from FLV videos to MP4

your 2 year old project would benefit from some serious updates

Well you know what they say....if it aint broke then dont fix it. It's serving its purpose really well and I don't really want to deal with configuring hyperspin again since its a pain, especially autohotkey etc.

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