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LotarisPin - Standard Size - Two Monitors (40/26)

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one thing to take into account.. when Freezy started his excellent build the Virtual output boards from Zeb were not available..

these make the wiring a more simple solution (as you don't need separate 24, 12 and 5v psus for the items) because you can run everything off of a single ATX psi.

i had the same problem when i started, i literally spent hours pouring over the pinball electrical 101 guide, working out what relays and resistors i needed for the job. But because I've taken so long to get to the wiring stage, i have all the psu's spare and 2 versions of Zebs excellent boards..

but i now have a simple plug and play solution...

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Little upgrade. PinDMD3 FTW!






Luminosity at 10%. More will probably hurt my eyes. ;)


Backbox monitor is the same but rotated back to landscape.


I also got Pinball FX2 and TPA running with it (the third shot is actually TPA), thanks to a little tool I wrote:





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Hi Freezy,

Fantastic, inspiring build. Really hoping my project comes close to this.

Do you still have the sketch up files available? The link on the front page appears to be broken.

Would really help me research my cab design.


Many thanks, 



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