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Painting Auto Finish


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Hi Hyperspin Fans!

Question: I want to have super high gloss finish on my MDF cab. I already bought water based enamel but think I shout have bought auto spray enamel. Has any achieved a smooth high gloss or even an automotive type sheen to their cab with water based enamel?

What's the best way to get a high gloss finish?


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for the best finish and long lasting, 2pack automotive paint is best to use but you would need to know what your doing as its dangerous stuff, i've sprayed lots of mdf with it but i am a pro car painter :)

if your looking for a cheap method then i would recommend using emulsion paint with a roller then if you want it gloss give it a coat with clear varnish, i've just done some cnc'ed door plaques this way and the finish was exellent.

also remember the prep work is the key to getting a good finish, don't try and cover up shoddy work with the final coat of paint as it will show through in the end, good look :)

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