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Nightly emulator builds


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Nightly builds - platinum download section


Dolphin - https://buildbot.dolphin-emu.org/builders/release-android/

PPSSPP - http://buildbot.orphis.net/ppsspp/

Retroarch - http://buildbot.libretro.com/nightly/android/

Reicast - http://builds.reicast.com/

Mupen64AE - http://www.paulscode.com/source/Mupen64Plus-AE/AutoBuilds/



Other great Android-emulation pages:


Top Android emulators - http://greenrobotgamer.com/emulation/

Robert Broglia emulators - http://www.explusalpha.com/

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So I just ordered a Nvidia Shield. Should be in today. I'm excited, but I'm also curious just how powerful it is. Can the shield actually emulate gamecube and psx? n64? What are its capabilities?



The Shield Portable can do everything up to Dreamcast so that includes PSP, NDS, N64, PS1, MAME, and everything else down to the Atari 2600. Unfortunatly the dolphin emulator which does Gamecube and Wii is not compatible with the Shield Portable as it does not have OpenGL ES 3 support. The Shield Tablet does have OpenGL ES 3 and Wii games are not working yet, if at all possible, but some Gamecube games play ok. I did see in the Dolphin forums that the Android version of the Dolphin emulator is being optimised for the Shield Tablet or devices with the Tegra K1 Processor since it is the most powerful CPU/GPU mobile chipset right now, but thats until the Tegra X1 comes out. The Tegra X1 is in the Shield Android TV coming out sometime this month, and the Shield Portable 2 (rumors of release within the next couple months) and Shield Tablet 2 later this year.

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It's not you.   But even the latest working builds are BARELY playable anyway.


The Android build is undergoing substantial change and upgrade.  Focus is on 64bit CPU support and an optimized OpenGL backend.

Things are a mess right now but I'll start looking for new builds in 2-4 more weeks.   You'll need an ARM system with 64b CPU and OpenGL4 support.

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