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  1. Agree, delete xppader and disable it. I believe xpadder is only located in the place u initially put it.
  2. I believe its working just takes a long time with large sets. I normally do large sets in smaller batches so I dont make any mistakes. There is also v1.2 out. Maybe try that one
  3. Version 0.6


    Download no longer available so I am re- uploading.
  4. Thought of that but seems a little pointless to me or I guess ok if u dont have htpc. Would u say older gaming works well? Say ps1 and down. I have a Shield packed away in a box and was thinking of making it a somewhat portable retro box. Im being a little lazy in asking, but i just need enough push to start digging into it. I no my HS habits and once I start I get stuck on the damn thing and just wanna see if its worth it
  5. Hey @thatman84, jus wondering yur experiences with HS on the Sheild. Can that thing handle ps2 and gamecube emulation?
  6. or leave the folders, dont think it will hurt
  7. delete the folders and items u added and add the system through hyperhq. U still need a system ini file for the system and HQ will do that for u. Prob y it doesnt see it
  8. Ok did u manually creat this folder or did u add the system through hyperhq?
  9. Ahh, then have you checked that u named the system exactly the same ? and aslo make sure sync have the rite paths to yur HS folders
  10. If you dont see in hypersync list then there prob is no art available throught it for that system. I do no there is box and cart available for 2600 but remember that people update sync on there own time so they cant always have it rdy with all the new stuff
  11. xpadder or joy2key is prob what your looking for
  12. I think this is an issue with hyperspin and intel gpu. Not sure if there is another work around but I think you need to use FLV instead of mp4. Its not ideal but its the only fix I no of or you can get a different video card. There is a converter available at emumovies.
  13. Been noticing looking at a lot of theme previews that people are using special art with the PS4 buttons pictured on them. This makes me guess that they use the PS4 controller and must have success if they were willing to create special art for it. Its been awhile since but I gave the Ps4 controller a run and seemed to work pretty good, but I had to many issues to stay with it. So was just wondering, for the people that use it. What do you guys think? Does the setup seem pretty stable and stay connected without issues and which programs are you guys using for it?
  14. There are updates released that fix this problem with audio
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