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Xpadder, I want it gone. How?


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I have exactly *zero* use for Xpadder, as I'm running a JAMMA cabinet with a J-Pac to a Windows PC. Because I have an actual standard resolution arcade monitor, I have the monitor set at, surprise surprise, standard resolution. Every time I start a game, I get a Windows Pop-Up from Xpadder saying the resolution too low. Mind you, the games play just fine, but the pop-ups are beyond annoying. And when I finally go to shut downs, there's like 100 popups that are there to be closed out.

I need this to stop, and I can't figure out how to do this.

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Yeah, I'm figuring that out, and quickly. He made it seem like that he'd offer all kinds of support including logging into my machine via TeamViewer if I was having problems and whatnot, nope. Nothing. 

I asked him a simple question about how to run Mame games that are looking for an analog stick like Afterburner, Star Wars, and Sinistar with a digital stick, and the guy has no idea. I'm under the impression he just plays his games on an LCD with an Xbox 360 controller, and he hasn't ever actually built a MAME cab. He didn't even know what a J-Pac is.

All I want is for this thing to work with my standard 6 button, 2 player fighting game layout. The cabinet is a Killer Instinct 2. I'm having to use the keyboard for most of the commands, including the "Start" command. That's just unacceptable, especially for what he charged me.

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if you came here first we would of warned you about people like that.

not only did he rip you off,, but Xpadder is a 3rd party program that costs $10.  I doubt he gave that  money to the developer.

the reason that tool added Xpadder is because their are some issues controlling Hyperspin with a joystick.

since you are using a keyboard encoder ,  you will not have that problem.


if yo go to YouTube and search "hyperspin xpadder setup".

you will find multiple videos on how to set up Xpadder in RL.

simply do the reverse of what they do so that you can remove Xpadder form your set up.


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Well at least they saved you some downloads/time as if its a good copy should have a lot of media available depending on its age.

That being said, now comes to battle of looking in from the outside.


Working with your own setup, whilst takes time it gives you exposure of where/how things are setup.

If you wanted you could start a fresh on a new drive/partition but then import single platfroms media etc. from the pre-configured drive and set them up yourself.


I started With Simply Austins packs.. from youtube. And whilst they were great I felt it hard working from someone else's setup only knowing what was explained.

That was a little over a year ago.. Now I create my own wheels and media and try and setup everything I can before I hit a wall and have to question experts in the field here.

Then of course if I deem it nice enough I share it here to try and give back to that has given me so much.


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Hey man, I advise you to disable Xpadder and buy JoytoKey. It's worth it. It's much more stable, reliable, and powerful.

I'm not sure how your drive seller has Xpadder implemented (as there's multiple ways to do it) but you will need to figure that out. You can make JoytoKey run as your 'startup' program with HyperSpin via HyperHQ, or if you know how you can just create a batch file (that launches multiple programs) and make that your startup 'program' with HyperSpin.

There's a little bit of a learning curve to all this and I think it's better if you take the time to tinker with it and learn a thing or two, but once you figure it out you shouldn't have any issues.

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