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    an overall good site for excellent emulator recommendations per system is http://nonmame.retrogames.com - they have a ton of info on their website regarding why they chose their recommendations and i found that it's overall a good guide to follow.
  2. /// tl;dr: i'm in the process of editing and spell-checking billyc999's excellent spreadsheets and i'm re-uploading the finished ones in this thread for now. final edited SNES spreadsheet ready for download/// hey all, i am using billyc999' excellent spreadsheets containing all the metadata (like scores, #players, a short description etc) for my "polygon" game themes. here is a link to his github site ( https://github.com/billyc999/Game-database-info ) in case you don't know what i'm talking about. In the process i noticed that there are a lot of small misspellings and grammatical mistakes for the game descriptions so i took it upon myself to auto correct most of (maybe even all of) them by using MS-Office's as well as google-doc's spellcheck features. Common mistakes were things like "it's / its", "players / player's", "they're / their" etc. as well as sentences without proper spacing between them, like "...running into enemies all around!Along the way...". i also edited all game descriptions that were unnecessarily long (resulting in a wall of text with mostly useless information) to shorter versions, containing only the necessary information. i find those shorter compact information panels much more enjoyable to read. Finally i formatted the spreadsheets itself giving each column a proper headline, colored it in and froze the first row and column to provide easier distinction and navigation through the spreadsheet. As with my theme, i started on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System spreadsheet first and this the first one that is publicly available for you to download if you so wish. more to come as i work on them, but as the snes one alone took 8+ hours to finish, updates with new sheets may take a while. here is the link to my google drive folder containing the final sheets: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0ae-6R48NvkR1M5QzhiaXFIZDg let me know if there is anything wrong or i made some obvious mistakes myself. hope you all have a good one. cheers tim
  3. if someone tries it on one of the odroids, let me know. i think spec wise it's quite powerful for its small form factor. NVIDIA OpenGL Drivers are probably the one thing that might not make this possible, but i'm not familiar enough with it, to say for sure. anyway i read that emulation performance overall is pretty good on the odroid c2 and xu4. found some interesting threads on their forums on that matter ( http://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=135&t=19176 // http://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=116&t=16103&start=50#p127054 ) they even have their own subform for gaming/emulation on odroids ( http://forum.odroid.com/viewforum.php?f=91 ).
  4. is there some restriction from hyperspins side to only run on the shield or why is that? haven't really followed hyperspins android development but i'm curious as to why that is.
  5. you may be able to get decent results with odroids mini-computers (kinda like the raspberry pi's but the odorid's can run android), like the odroid c2 here ( http://www.hardkernel.com/main/products/prdt_info.php?g_code=G145457216438 ) or the even more powerful xu-4 ( http://www.hardkernel.com/main/products/prdt_info.php?g_code=G143452239825 ). both run android and i read that emulation performance is alright but no guarantee on that from my site. might be worth looking into it tho since they are quite low priced but powerful. they have a forum over there, so you might want to start there, if interested.
  6. nonMAME documentation recommends RetroArch with the Mupen64Plus Core for n64 ( http://nonmame.retrogames.com ). they also have some other recommendations. but i can't seem to find a decent compatibility list for that. n64 is a real mess as far as i know when it comes to compatibility. as knewlife said before there is probably not one single emulator that plays all games well, since n64 emulators often times use very specific hacks or workarounds for specific games (at least that is what i read once). other systems are way more forward, like the playstation. psx has good emulators like mednafen or zebra both of which pretty much play everything you throw at them. that's because they basically replicate the original system 1:1, whereas n64 still needs to use special workarounds specific for a lot of the games.
  7. what do you mean by "working games"? are you referring to compatibility with emulators? if so, most of the major emulators have a compatibility list on their homepage.
  8. does this also happen when you first start up hyperspin or only after you left a game you previously launched? and you said you switched to a tv. so was it working before you switched to this tv? if so, my guess is that your tv has problems when the resolution switches (like for example when you exit a game that runs in 1024*768 and you switch back to hyperspin that is configures to 1920x1080; those are only example resolutions though). maybe try some tv settings or see if the same problems occur on a pc monitor.
  9. does it happen right away or after a while? because in the second case that is normal and a feature of hyperspin called attract mode. you can configure it in hyperhq and even turn it off
  10. Fange doch vielleicht mit nur ein paar Systemen, die jeweils ein paar Roms haben, an. Die Ressourcen wirst du auch ohne Premium Account relativ schnell beisammen haben. Das ist zumindest meine Empfehlung. So kriegst du ein Verständnis über die Hyperspin Architektur und kannst im Anschluss wahrscheinlich wesentlich besser entscheiden, ob es dir das Geld wert ist. Ein Hinweis noch. Es gibt diverse "Anbieter", die fertige HDD's mit Hyperspin+Roms verkaufen. Lass auf jeden Fall die Finger davon. Der Verkauf solcher Festplatten ist nicht nur illegal, die Hyperspin Installationen sind darüber hinaus, den "Erfahrungsberichten" nach, die man hier manchmal liest, auch totaler mist.
  11. yep all on highest possible settings.
  12. did some more testing regarding the new video smoothing. i think might not work right on my machine. here is what i mean: first here are two screenshots comparing .swf style and .mp4 style using my themes (screenshots were taken directly from hyperspin configured to run at 1920x1080 fullscreeen): swf: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10927471/swfstyle.png mp4: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10927471/mp4style.png as you can see the the mp4 style is considerable worse looking than the swf method on my system. especially the text looks quite blocky in comparison to the .swf method were it looks clear, smooth and readable. now the funny thing is, i talked to jamesbaker yesterday and asked him if he could try my themes on his system mp4-style and he said they look absolutely perfect on his rig. so that keeps me wondering if it is my system that is the problem and if there might still be a bug with video smoothing. i can assure you that i use the lastest hyperspin version, so that can't be it. if anyone might have some idea or input on that, let me know . thanks for reading and your time! cheers tim ps.: do you guys think it might be worth opening a new thred on that topic?
  13. i have a request regarding the layer structuring of themes in hyperspin. at the moment the layering is not too dynamic and customisable. you get a layer structure that is basically like this (from bottom to top layer): Background - Wheel - Artwork1 - Video(<-this can be put behind the wheel) - Artwork2 - Artwork3 - Artwork4. I'd especially like to be able to position the wheel layer on top of the artwork layers, so that the wheel is displayed in front of the artwork. generally speaking i wish for more flexibility when it comes to layering.
  14. i looked through the hyperspin cinematic thread but couldn't find a theme.zip. could you maybe share your default theme you use at the moment with me (or just the theme.xml)? just wanted to make sure that my test setup (see previous post) is the same as yours, as smoothing still doesn't seem to apply to my mp4s and your setup seems to work, as you said earlier.
  15. hypertheme only lets me use .flv for videos tho. am i missing something? sorry it's probably just me being dumb as usual. EDIT: k it was just me being dumb. force aspect set to "both" fixed the alignment issues. however i don't see any smoothing. is there a parameter that has to be set to activate it?
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