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  2. Tutorial: How To Select A Different Version Of Vp Or Fp When Launch Tables Via Hyperpin http://vpuniverse.com/forums/index.php/topic/328-tutorial-how-to-select-a-different-version-of-vp-or-fp-when-launch-tables-via-hyperpin-with-new-fplaunch/ Tutorial: How To Select A Different Version Of B2S Screen Res Configs When Launching Tables Via Hyperpin http://vpuniverse.com/forums/index.php/topic/329-tutorial-how-to-select-a-different-version-of-b2s-screen-res-configs-when-launching-tables-via-hyperpin/
  3. I just made a tutorial for setting up forcefeedback toggle and pin highscore. http://vpuniverse.com/forums/index.php/topic/323-tutorial-how-to-setup-pin-highscore-and-disable-forcefeedback-fplaunch/
  4. If anyone wants to set up pin juke I made a tutorial. http://vpuniverse.com/forums/index.php/topic/314-tutorial-how-to-setup-dwjukebox-in-hyerpin-via-fplaunch/#entry2212
  5. But wait, I remeber trying the first versions of the WIP 10 and it would have issues regaining focus in general. Once you added the focus 2 I could finally use the new WIP fplaunch but then I noticed the pause issue.
  6. All VP tables have the issue. FP tables work fine. I suspect it stop working once you switch to focus AHK. I almost seems like it has something to do with the pause routines and naming changes you made in the settings .ini file. Also, it would be cool if you added a camera sound when you press the O and U key like B2S direct server does so the user knows a screenshot was taken.
  7. once you press "e" the menu comes up and then the ball stops for 1.5-2 secs then continues to drain CAn you also please tell me where the images are save when you press: printScreenKey = o printBGKey = u
  8. Well its doesnt work for me. When do you press "u" in game I assume? Where does it save image to?
  9. Not sure Jason but this was only way I could get it to work. Oh and for me it didnt work with focus on internal, it needed to be set to external. Im running XP. A couple off topic questions: I noticed in the ini file there is something to print BG which is assigned to "u". I tired it and it doesnt work. Where does it save i to? The HP/Media/Images dir? I was also wondering if anyone noticed this. I used to be able to pause my games in VP by pressing the exit key once. Now it doesnt work. FP still works but VP will pause game for a sec to bring up menu and then the game will continue with the pause overlays ontop. Here is my config exitScriptKey = ~q & ~s exitKey = e exitKey1 = g enterKey = 1 enterKey1 = Enter upKey = LShift upKey1 = LShift downKey = RShift downKey1 = RShift toggleCursorKey = t hideCursor = true hideDesktop = true hideTaskbar = true useLoadingScreen = true useExitScreen = true useExitAsPause = true useExitMenu = true fadespeed = 25 pauseFPKey = RButton saveFPTables = true editTableKey = !F4 printScreenKey = o printBGKey = u pfScreenNum = 1 bgScreenNum = 2 instructionsKey = i flyerKey = f hyperScale = 0.75 debugMode = file ledwiz = true toggleLedwizKey = 1 hyperpinexe = hyperpin.exe focusSleep = 200 useFocus=external
  10. Ok the ledblinky lights with the music. I needed to have a registered copy of Ledblinky. Everything works. Just wish I was able to get these slight windows titlebar gone. I did make it better by adjusting titlebar in the pinjukelaunch.ini. I will make a tutorial when I finalize everything but it works perfect. Anyone have wheel art for this?
  11. Iam using these basic keys so far. Since I have other buttons on my cab I may decide to add more features. KEY_E = BTN_SHUTDOWN Exit KEY_Z = BTN_GUI_UP left nudge up arrow KEY_SLASH = BTN_GUI_DOWN right nudge down arrow KEY_LSHIFT = BTN_GUI_LEFT left flipper left arrow KEY_RSHIFT = BTN_GUI_RIGHT right flipper right arrow KEY_ENTER = BTN_GUI_SELECT launch button select
  12. OMG. I am a dope. I got the exiting in Hyperpin working. You need to assign the shutdown to the E key in the controls.ini of dwjuke. I will make a post that explains mappings of exit key along with other suggested key mappings. Also I got the backglass to almost fill up screen by using the STRETCH command in the dwjuke settings ini file. Now how do I get the damn lights to go along with the music in led blinky? Next thing to tackle.
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