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  1. I'm not entirely sure, to be honest. It was that way when I found this community.

    If I had to guess, I would suspect it is because Super Famicom is such a huge presence (lots of translated games), that people didn't like the idea of cluttering up their list of American games.

    I personally prefer them split, as I enjoy having a separate theme and wheel for the Japanese games. But if you want to combine the two lists, all you have to do is download Don's HyperSpin tools (I prefer the beta release for this task) and use the List Merger tool.

    It would be strange to have a Sega Genesis and a Sega Genesis Japan wheel, but for some reason, having the SNES stuff  split doesn't bother me. But then on the other hand, I also have a Sega Saturn Japan wheel. There's no wrong way to build your system. :)

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  2. I appreciate your concerns Bain408. There are two ways to look at it.

    1. Game names should be 100% accurate to what is on the box

    2. Game names have already been established, and it sets the community way back when they have to stop and rename all of their images, themes, and videos, just because someone wanted rename the games. 

    All of the game names were kept the same from the last database, unless I found something particularly offensive (I don't think I did this time). For the community to move forward we need everyone on the same page. Ideally if you and I collaborate on a project, we could share media, and everything will be named according to the database, so it's a simple matter of dragging and dropping the files where they need to go, instead of spending 30 minutes (or 3 hours if you are inexperienced and don't know about Don's HyperSpin tools) renaming files.

    I have mixed feelings on the tags. The No Intro team uses them in their naming conventions. It doesn't do us much good. I would prefer them not to be there. But in the grand scheme of things it is a trivial matter. If enough people disagree and voice their concerns however, I am open to eliminating them. But anytime names get updated or changed in an official database it is a hassle for pretty much everyone.

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  3. Not sure to be honest. It looks like it's some sort of hack or bootleg. Turns out it will run in NullDC. I spent way too much time trying to convert the .mdf file to .cdi with no luck, just so I could play it in Demul lol.

    So, it'll stay in the database I'm working on I suppose. There's been a couple of databases I've worked on in the past where the games were unplayable in any emulator, and in one case (NES), a game wasn't even dumped. It's hard to say what to do in a situation like that, do you add it to the database simply because it exists for the sake of being a completionist, or do you leave it out.

    I'm inclined to leave everything in.


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  4. Looks great to me, except for Tank Wars and Rock 'N' Bolt (the top got cut off, and it needed stroke outline since it was all black).

    So, I went ahead and redid those two if anyone cares. :) They're not spectacular but they're acceptable.

    Rock 'N' Bolt (USA).png

    Tank Wars (USA).png

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  5. I did a little bit of research... if I understand it correctly, Whizz came out when CD32 was dying, and they made it work on more than one format (Amiga CD). So the box was markedly different for that game. Even though it could play on CD32, there was no real indication that it was a CD32 game.

    But, I found the artwork, and made a little something. Will this work?

    Edit: Btw, there's actually another box that we need for this set. "Sleepwalker & Pinball Fantasies (Europe)". Of course you can always just use the Pinball Fantasies artwork. But I'll see if I can find anything. The more authentic, the better.

    Edit 2: "Sleepwalker & Pinball Fantasies (Europe)" might not even be correct. That game was bundled with the US release of the CD32, which is why there's no actual artwork. So the game should probably be called "Sleepwalker & Pinball Fantasies (USA)." I'm not 100% on this, I'm going by this site: http://www.mobygames.com/game/sleepwalker-pinball-fantasies

    Anyways the game just came in a plain jewel case with no label as far as I can tell. Nobody's selling it on ebay with an insert. So, I went ahead and made up a little something for that also. Let me know what you think.

    Whizz (Europe).png

    Sleepwalker & Pinball Fantasies (Europe).png

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