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  1. joseph2626


    and to take that massege out uncheck fade in N64 system general
  2. joseph2626


    through rocket launcher in N64 select retroach as defualt emulator go to emulator sitting ( which is a small folder with a sign of gear on it ) clik it chose the liberto which in cores in in retro arch directory for N64 select ( mupen 64 ) and dont forget to drop the bios in retroarch system folder. hope i helped
  3. joseph2626


    retroarch hummm ok start retroarch manually the go to online update and update each core and update every thiing but dont update the thumbnails through rocket launcher in N64 select
  4. your configration is wrong from my view . in Mame it reads like that : player 1 buttton 0 in your case is button 1 player 1 button 1 in your case is button 2 player 1 button 2 in your case is button 3 and so on so as i can see in your case you configered 2 as escape button so mame reads it as button 3 and it should be Esc button on your keyboard. thats why it escapes delet player 1 and player 2 joystick configration from HQ in mame just hit TAB button on keybord to simply configer any machine in other systems use joy to key generally Esc button is to exit in all programs so leave it as exit button. hop i helpd.
  5. I have the same problem can you help me with that plz
  6. thanks agent47 I get it now thanks I thought I have to participate more thanks man
  7. agent47 and how can I be platinum straight and simple
  8. agent47 my friend before we use it just to synchronize we just download the media from hyperspin, emumovies and arcade punks why is that out of the sudden
  9. cheers agent47 but why hypersync giving me ( could not verify your hyperspin membership, check your credential's and try again ) I can not log in can you help me with that
  10. I tried installing hyperbase live and uninstalled hypersync

    I don't know how to use it I put hyperspine username and password and its not working gives me incorrect username / password

    help plz

  11. I installed it in side hyperspine folder and deleted hypersync but am trying to run it and failed its I put hyperspine username and password and it gives me incorrect username/password what to do help
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