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  1. GameEx Evolution look like HS with posibility add themes and art box and wheels, ie, have the same appearance. I think it has already surpassed HS Here are some of the new features coming to GameEx Evolution - GameEx Online (game info, video streaming, pictures, e-Books, configuration all from your browser or mobile device) - Shaders (effects including scan lines) - Transitions (many transitions included) - Animation (keyframe animation support) - Gif and Swf rendering support - 3D Models (including animated models) - Bitmap Fonts (with gradients, strokes & shadow support) - AddOns (compiled dll’s with the ability to use the rendering engine) - Scripting (C# or VB.NET editor) - Layout Editor (for customising your theme) - Modern new default theme with HTPC or Arcade version (4:3 or 16:9) - Rotation and split screen support (with vertical and horizontal themes) - Coverflow display (with various view modes) - SubLayouts (layouts within layouts) - Command.dat support - Support for rendering HyperSpin themes (natively with no conversion necessary)
  2. I read that GameEx evolution will online connectivity, this feature is amazing, to know how many users are playing a game. anyone knows any more feature ????
  3. ¿¿ Anyone have a screenshot or video of GameEx Evolution ?? To 50 days release and there is no image, it is not good publicity
  4. This New is Real, No Fake !!! Atari 2600 copies of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial have been discovered in the Almagordo, New Mexico desert. IGN is on site and snapping photos of the excavation. http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/04/26/the-dig-uncovering-the-atari-et-games-buried-in-new-mexico-desert
  5. I like to know that wii games can be played decently with an xbox 360 controller configured with dolphin. Some will be very difficult, but others can play pretty well Please put your experience
  6. Sir Cyrano

    Mame 0.153

    Is ready the 0.153 MAME.xml ???? Anyone could make a tutorial how built xml mame 0.153 ??
  7. Evilengine actually I download the Set No-Intro Playstation Portable PSN (25-12-2013) from BitGamer v2. you know another tracker torrent where can I find mora sets PSP ??
  8. Yes, but I don´t know what games are in that Set No-Intro, if PSP Games or only the PSN Games.
  9. Hi, I want download from Bitgamer the complete set Sony PSP, but I see this: No-Intro Playstation Portable PSN (25-12-2013) Complete Set 341 Gb And anothers torrent file named ADVANsCEne PSP Pack xxxx- xxxx what difference is there ??
  10. Sir Cyrano

    Mame 0.153

    How many time for upload the torrent in PD ???
  11. Speakers Amplifier Much better than speaker for PC
  12. The Bezel of Ghouls'n ghost is amazing !!! I think that emulator for N64 retroarch (core Muppen64) is better that Project64
  13. A new message in the web "Powerfull integrated interface for all your games and media" And media !!!
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